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Wyoming Divorce Records

Statistical information such as Wyoming divorce records is now available to the public but as in most states, Wyoming has certain restrictions to how much information is released and who can view the documents. Since one of every three marriages in the United States ends in divorce, the amount of information that the states have to record is mind-boggling and will become even more so in the years to come. Wyoming has been recording divorce records since 1941, so there is a voluminous number of data available. You may need a copy of a divorce record from Wyoming to prove that you’re divorced so you can marry again or to further stretch the information for your family tree. Whatever the reason, you should know that there are certain procedures you must follow to obtain a copy of the decree from the state. Writing an application letter is the first step. Be sure that you add important information in the letter such as full names of the persons on the decree, the date the divorce took place (if known), the county where the divorce decree was issued and any other data that could lessen the time needed to find the decree and to make it more accurate. After writing your letter, send it to:

Vital Records Services of Wyoming
Hathaway Bldg.
Cheyenne, WY 82002
Phone: (307) 777-7591


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Wyoming also requires that you include your own information such as why you need a copy of the decree and your relationship to at least one of the persons listed in the decree. A copy of your government-issued identification must be included along with contact information. Because of the privacy laws in some states (Wyoming included) you must prove that you’re somehow related to the person or state a good reason why you need the information contained in the decree. If you need to access a divorce decree that occurred prior to 1941 you’ll need to apply through the county in which the decree was granted.

WY Divorce Records

Another way to obtain a copy of Wyoming divorce records that contains all of the information you need is to utilize the services of an Internet search service. These privately-run sites can pull up the requested data usually within moments and deliver it straight to your computer – privately and safely. All you need to do is submit some relevant information about the people involved in the decree and pay a reasonable fee that’s refundable if no record is found. The reason that these Internet search sites can provide more accurate and timely information than a state is mainly because of extremely powerful search engines and far-reaching databases. They can search multiple states, whereas most states can only search their own databases for the data you need. Find out more about Internet search services by clicking on the link below.