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Wyoming Criminal Records

Wyoming is a northwestern state that’s sparsely populated compared to other states, but they do maintain thousands of criminal arrests and convictions in their Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI). Any person can request a Wyoming criminal records search if they are either the person requesting the search or a person that is designated to search through the records. For as long as you are a legitimate citizen in Wyoming you will always have the privilege to obtain the said legal reports. The information you’ll receive is a list of all misdemeanors and felonies, but doesn’t include municipal violations. You can search by fingerprinting or by name, but fingerprinting is the preferred method to ensure accuracy. The fee for a Wyoming arrest records search is $15. If you want more information or a form that you’ll need to complete to access a criminal record, contact the following address:

Division of Criminal Investigation of Wyoming
315 W. 22nd St.
Cheyenne, WY 82002
Phone: (307) 777-7181



Wyoming Criminal Records
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Internet search sites are also powerful means of searching through Wyoming criminal records. The databases they have access to and the search engines they use reach far beyond most states’ methods. They can usually send the information to your home or office computer within a matter of minutes after you submit a minimal amount of information about the person in question. Then, you can read in privacy. No one will ever know that it was you who requested the data because your payment information is encrypted. It’s not good to hesitate about performing a background search on anyone in your life or business because you feel guilty that you don’t trust them. Criminals are wonderful about gaining your trust and then deceiving you. It happens every day in this country.

Criminal Records Wyoming

Internet search sites have been a boon to the private citizen because now we don’t have to go through the state to get the information we need. These search sites aren’t limited to state databases to perform the search and can reference and cross-reference data to ensure the accuracy of the report they provide. If no criminal record is found, you are charged nothing. The fee they charge is reasonable and it’s worth every penny to make sure that the data you’re receiving is accurate – and readable. Criminal records are the most popular searches being made on the Internet today because of peaks in crime, fraudulent activity and the transient world in which we live. Many states are like Wyoming and only allow certain searches to be conducted or will offer only a minimal amount of information contained on the record. If you’re a private citizen and want to be sure of a person’s criminal background, click on the link to receive more information about searching through Wyoming criminal records – or any state you choose.