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Vital records such as marriage certificates can be an incredible source of information for genealogical research or checking the background of someone in your life. It’s easy to search through Wisconsin marriage records, but there are a few rules and regulations you need to know about. For example, you’ll need to provide the full name of the married couple (including the maiden name of the bride), an approximate date when the marriage took place and the location, if known. Wisconsin marital records are usually kept within the city or town where the event took place, but if you don’t know that information, you can obtain a form (Wisconsin Marriage Certification Application) from the Department of Health. After filling out the application as best you can, send the form to:

Wisconsin Vital Records Office
1 Wilson St.
P.O. Box 309
Madison, WI 53701-0309
Phone: (608) 266-1373


Marriage Records Wisconsin

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Include a check or money order for $20 to cover the search fee and also provide copies of photo identification and state your name and reason why you want the marriage record. While Wisconsin marriage records are public information, privacy laws prevent some data from being released. The record will provide the names of the persons involved in the marriage and the date and location the ceremony took place. Important details such as the middle names, birth dates and places and names of parents can be a great resource if you’re searching for family tree information. The Bureau of Vital Statistics wasn’t established until 1907 in Wisconsin, so if the marriage took place before that time, you may need to use another research tool such as the Department of Health Services.

Wisconsin Marriage License Records

You can also use one of the many online search services available on the Internet. These sites are especially helpful if you want the information in a short amount of time. A report of your search results is usually delivered within minutes of the time you submit the data. Search engines and databases used by private, online search sites are more powerful than those used by the states and can ensure accuracy and timeliness of the report you receive. Your payment information is encrypted so no one will know it was you who requested the Wisconsin marital records. Online search sites also have the advantage of being able to cross reference data easily and quickly, even searching through records in other states to pull up more information. So, you’ll likely receive more data than you would from a state-based search. The fees are reasonable and the report is thorough – very helpful if you’re searching for data to help with a legal matter. To discover how an online search site can provide you with the Wisconsin marriage records you’re searching for, click on the link.