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Wisconsin Divorce Records

To request Wisconsin divorce records, you’ll need to apply through the Vital Records department in the state. Anyone can ask for a record and the state must reply, but unless you fit the profile of qualification you may not receive the information you need. If you’re one of the people mentioned in the divorce, children or fiancé of a person on the decree, you can get a copy of the record. You’ll need to prove you’re who you say you are and why you want or need a copy of the decree. First, you’ll need to fill out an application, sign it and send a $20 check or money order to cover the fee for the search (add $3 for each additional copy) to the following address:

Vital Records Office of Wisconsin
P.O. Box 309
Madison, WI 53701-0309
Phone: (608) 266-1373


Divorce In Wisconsin

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If the divorce record you seek was issued before 1907, it won’t be available at the above address. You’ll need to know the county in which the divorce was granted and apply there. These records may be inaccurate, but you may be able to glean some information from them. Most states, including Wisconsin, have an issue of too many records to file and a shrinking staff that can’t keep up with the work load. Divorces are constantly on the rise and the files are expanding at a tremendous rate. Because of this it may take awhile for you to receive a copy of the decree that you requested.

WI Divorce Records

To save time and ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the report, you may want to consider an Internet search service. These fee-based services are private and maintain powerful databases and search engines to find the record(s) you need – usually within minutes of the request. All you have to do is submit a few facts about the divorce. The more information you can provide the faster and more accurate the search will be. The fee is reasonable and if no record is found you pay nothing. These types of record search sites have sprung up on the Internet because of the vast amount of data that’s now available online. The report you receive from a private search site will be thorough and concise and will be sent to your computer so that you can review it privately. Your payment information is encrypted and you don’t have to prove who you are or why you need a copy of the divorce decree. Professionals use these search sites on a daily basis because it’s important to them to receive accurate data for legal services or genealogical research. A private Internet search service is a great alternative to a state-based search. To find out more about these online services, click on the link below.