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Wisconsin Criminal Records

As with most states and countries, Wisconsin has thousands of crimes per year that makes it difficult to keep up with the task of recording and filing the incidents. If you’d like to find Wisconsin criminal records, there are ways that you can obtain the data you need. You can apply through the mail by completing and submitting a record check form and sending it to the following address:

Wisconsin Dept of Justice
P.O. Box 2688
Madison, Wisconsin 53701
Phone: (608) 266-5764

The Wisconsin Department of Justice files and maintains these criminal records. You’ll need to send a search fee of $18 and be sure and fill out all of the requested information on the form. The data that you will receive might help you in some important aspects more especially in legal matters. Just talk to the authorized person for the records that you are looking for. Sex offenders and child molesters can also be discovered through Wisconsin arrest records. The information you receive from searching through criminal records might save your business, your life savings or your emotional well-being. It’s a small price to pay for the peace of mind it brings.


Wisconsin Criminal Records
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Criminal Records Wisconsin

The Internet also has a plethora of search sites that are available for a reasonable fee and some pertinent information about the person in question. Wisconsin criminal records are usually updated daily, but when you apply by mail, you may not get the data sent to you as soon as you’d like. When you do receive the report, it might not be as accurate as a report from a private, Internet search site. These sites usually employ professionals who know how to glean out the information you need and send it to you in a thorough report that’s free from legal terms that you can’t understand. The report you get from a good online search site can even provide more information than you expected, such as previous addresses, spouses and A.K.A. (also known as) names and crimes they may have committed in other states. Genealogists sometimes use criminal records information to find people who may fit into a family ancestry chain. Data will appear in these records that might not appear in other types of searches. Whether you’re attempting to find information about your family or about a person in your life, these Internet sites provide fast and easy ways to get you the information you need. Many professionals maintain memberships to private sites because of the guaranteed accuracy and the timeliness in which they receive the information, but you can also use them for a one-time search. Simply click on the link to find more information about how an Internet search site can help you find Wisconsin criminal records.