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West Virginia Criminal Records

The West Virginia State Police maintain criminal records that are available to the public. There is a request form for West Virginia criminal records that you must complete and send with the fee (varies according to the request, but $20 is the usual fee) that you’ll find listed on the form. You can send a check or money order with the form to the following address:

State Police of West Virginia
Criminal Investigation Reports (CRI)
725 Jefferson Rd.
South Charleston, WV 25309
Phone: (304) 746-2178

The search is conducted by using the name of the offender or the city or street where he or she may have lived in West Virginia. West Virginia acknowledges that the records may not contain the most up-to-date information about a person’s criminal past. Most states have such a backlog of criminal information that takes time to file and register that the files may not be accurate and you may have to wait for awhile to receive the record you requested. Also keep in mind that the perpetrator may have used another name when he committed the crime, so the state may report that there is no record on the name you requested for the search.


West Virginia Criminal
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Criminal Records West Virginia

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