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Washington Criminal Records

Every public record has its own system as to how it is documented and stored for future use. In Washington, governing officials have formed an organization called Washington State Patrol Identification and Criminal History Section. Its main job is to collect, archive and broadcast criminal reports within the state jurisdiction. As based on policy, all the said reports are controlled according to fingerprints taken which comprise all arrest and disposition details for felonies and uncivilized misbehavior.

As per guideline, interested parties or individuals may only do name-based searches, except when the full account will have to be retrieved through fingerprint lookup. Cost for requesting such records may depend whether it is a mailed name-based application or through the Washington Access to Criminal History. The former takes $17.00 per name while the latter takes $10.00 which can actually give out conviction reports only. On the other hand, fingerprint searches charge $26 with the fingerprinting fee at $13.00 if done at the Washington State Patrol office. Anyone can basically take fingerprints at the local law enforcement offices, however, payments vary.


Washington Criminal Records
Public Access


Back in the old days, despite being known to be a public record, criminal records in Washington are not disclosed in totality to the general public for security measures. Only the conviction documents and sex offender status will be unveiled. But, today, any entities or individuals whom granted to view the complete files will get the chance to possess every detail of such records. This happens if proper government procedures are followed to finish the search.

Criminal Records Washington

Request for the retrieval of Washington criminal records can be made via mail, in person, fax or through online. You just need to fill-out the request form and submit to the State Patrol office. Well, those were the manual days. Today, paper records are stored via online databases where residents can right away search through the Internet and download it. As simple as that, no more requirements to comply, no more waiting for weeks or even months. This time, it’s all in control as you can do it on your own at home anytime you want. Just choose a 100% legally created record provider which offers a money-refund guarantee for your assurance.