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Virginia’s hub of vital statistics buzzes every day of the week with people wanting to know more about births, deaths, divorces and other records kept by the state. On average, the Vital Statistics division receives about 30,000 per month. With over seven million records to search through, this can become a daunting task – even with computers. As of now, you should know that these records only become public fifty years after the death occurred. You can only access the record if you’re related to the deceased as a parent, spouse, sibling, child or grandparent. You must submit the application for request with valid identification proving that you’re related. The state of Virginia began collecting vital records information in the year 1912, so any death that occurred after that date should be easy to find. If you want to request the Virginia death record by main, you should know that it may take as long as four weeks to receive a response. There’s a $12 fee for the search and a Virginia death certificate form that you must complete. Then mail all of the information to:
Virginia Dept. of Health
Office of Vital Records and Health Statistics
P.O. Box 1000
Richmond, Virginia 23218
Phone: (804) 662-6200

Virginia Death Records

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You’ll need to know the date of death, where the event occurred and the full name of the individual. If you’re requesting a death record where the event occurred less than fifty years ago, you should also include copies of your photo identification and your reason for wanting the record. The fee isn’t refundable and should be paid by money order or personal check (State Of Virginia Health Dept.).

You may also submit a request for a Virginia death record by choosing a private Internet search site. Online sites have the capacity to search through thousands of records and deliver a full report to your private email address in a matter of moments. All you need is the full name of the deceased and some other pertinent information to make the request. The powerful search engines that these sites use can quickly plow through thousands of records at once and their databases are much more far-reaching than state-based searches. Internet search sites can reference and cross-reference information, so if you enter the wrong data, they can find it by searching through other states for the information. It’s so fast and easy that using a private online search site to look up private records is becoming the preferred way by professionals such as lawyers and genealogists. You may need the record to further research a family tree. A private online site will provide the most information and in the shortest time period. Click on the link to find out more about how an Internet search site can help you find Virginia death records.

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