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Virginia Criminal Records

The Central Criminal Records Exchange is the main database for Virginia Criminal Records. More so, they also manage the Non-criminal Justice Interface which operates online as an alternative method for the state users. Such online system runs name-based searches of third parties at an amount of $15.00 for each name. Those who need to go through fingerprinting should pay $13.00 as a service fee. Aside from walk-in transactions, requests can also be made by mailing in to the addressed specified on the form.

To formalize your application, you need to sign the form completely and have it notarized for legalization purposes. If a third party is involved, the person in question has to affix his or her signature too. The subject whose name is stipulated on the document has full authority to review his or her own records. Law enforcement agencies and entities may perform the search only when given permission by those who are in authority. The validity of reasons for the request matters.


Virginia Criminal Records
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The application can be downloaded through the Virginia State Police website if you don’t have time visiting the agency in person. Virginia State Police is actually divided into criminal sections with specific record offences. Such sections include the Wanted Persons in Virginia, Sex Offender Registry and the Virginia Department of Corrections. Particular cases must be coordinated with these offices for checking and verification purposes. The turn-around time usually takes 12 to 14 working days to complete the entire process.

Criminal Records Virginia

In today’s lifestyle, people are getting busier doing everyday’s routine. Going to these agencies in person just consumes a lot of time. Thus, a solution must come as a remedy to the lengthy procedures in law enforcement agencies. Well, worry no more because Virginia Criminal Records can be ordered on the web even when you are just at home. The secret is to subscribe into a 100% legally created online record provider with a money-back guarantee service to determine its legitimacy as an online service retriever.