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Vermont police records are often used in identifying a person(s) who has been involved in an altercation or accent where the police were called. The police records contain the actual facts surrounding the incident and can be used for court documents or simply as information that tells the truth about an incident as seen through the eyes of the policeman who filled out the report. You may want to use the document as background information about a person in your personal life. The Vermont State Police are responsible for maintaining these police records and you can access them by mail by submitting a Police Record Request Form and a search fee of $20 to the following address:
Vermont State Police
Attention: Police Report Request
103 S. Main St.
Waterbury, Vermont 05671
Phone: (802) 244-8727

There are virtually thousands of police records available in Vermont and since they’ve become available online, it’s the preferred way of obtaining them for whatever reason. Internet search sites have made it almost effortless to be able to search through volumes of information within seconds. They can deliver a thorough report to your private email address for a reasonable fee and you can rely on its accuracy and timeliness.


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Legal professionals and others who need to find vast amounts of vital record data on a daily basis have been using these sites for years. They maintain monthly memberships so they can request records at any time. You may also use the private search sites on a one-time basis. All you need to do is pay the fee and submit the information you have about the person (or case) you’re searching for. Since your fee information data is encrypted, others won’t know that it was you who made the request. Searching for police records through a reliable online service can set your mind at ease or help you make a decision about someone in your life. Today, we can’t be too sure about a person that we let have access to our children, loved ones and ourselves or our businesses. These search services are a way that you can be sure that what he or she is saying is a truthful account of his past. Another advantage of using an Internet search site is that you’ll receive a full report within a few minutes of making the request. Some state-based searches are slow and tedious and you don’t have the advantage of the powerful search engines that Internet sites can use to cross-reference your submission information with other states. Also, the databases that these search sites use tend to be much more up-to-date. Click on the link to find out more about how a private, online search site can help you find Vermont police records.