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Vermont Death Records

Death records are used by many professionals such as legal and genealogical to help with beneficiary information, immigration issues and other pertinent questions. The general public can also search for Vermont death records by contacting the Health Department of the state in Burlington, Vermont. Vital records filings began in the year 1857 and now share the records with the Vermont State Archives and Records Administration. The Vital Records department only keeps vital records that have occurred in the last five years. If you’re searching for a death record previous to that, you’ll need to contact the Archives department. To contact the Vital Records office of Vermont, contact:

Vermont Dept. of Health
Vital Records Dept.
P.O. Box 70
Burlington, VT 05402
Phone: (802) 863-7275

Death Records Vermont

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Fetal death and abortion records are also available from the Health Department, but are not available to the public. To request a Vermont death record, you’ll need to fill out a form available from the Department of Health with the name of the deceased person, full names of the parents and the date of birth and place where the person was born. The search fee is $10 and you should include that with the form and mail it to the above address. Vermont has no privacy laws to prevent you from receiving the full report about a person’s death, even though you may not be related to the person.

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Another method often used to search through a state’s death records is one of the online search services that can deliver a full report to you that is accurate and up-to-date. If you don’t know the precise date or full name of the deceased person, these sites can usually use their powerful databases and search engines to find the information by cross-referencing names and states where the person might have lived. Legal professionals and genealogists use these search sites because they’re easy and tend to be more accurate and thorough than those records you might received from a state-based search. The fee is reasonable and you’ll receive the information in privacy at your own email address usually within minutes of submitting a small amount of information. Internet search sites have become very popular with the general public because of the ease of use and reputation of accuracy and timeliness. You no longer have to go through the red tape of a state-based search system to get vital records information that you need for a legal or personal matter. Find out more about how an Internet search site can help you find the Vermont death records you need by clicking on the link.