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Vermont Criminal Records

A variety of states offer ways for the public to search through criminal records to perform background searches or to simply check out a person in your life. Vermont criminal records are kept up-to-date by the Vermont Criminal Information Center which is a division of the Vermont Department of Public Safety. You can purchase a record of criminal history for $30 and the fee is non-refundable even if no record is found. For this reason and to ensure the accuracy of the search, you should provide all the information you have on the person(s) whose background you want to search. Send your request by mail to:

Vermont Criminal Information Center
103 So. Main St.
Waterbury, VT 05671
Phone: (802) 241-5320

Some records that you want for certain purposes require a notary seal. For example, if you’re going through Vermont arrest records for the purpose of doing International adoption, child custody issues or immigration, you’ll need to request a record with the notary seal. If you’re looking for personal reasons such as a background check for someone who has recently entered your life, you won’t need the notary seal.


Vermont Criminal Records
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Criminal Records Vermont

Many people use the services of an online search site to find the information they need about people. It’s faster, easier, and if no record is found you won’t be charged a fee. The Internet has spawned many of these online sites since state vital records have become available to the public. With just a small amount of information you can receive a person’s criminal record from the state of Vermont or almost any state you choose. These sites have powerful search engines that can find data quickly and their extensive databases can better ensure the accuracy of the report. You’ll usually receive a report within moments of submitting the search information and it will be sent to your home or office computer where you will be able to read it in privacy. Since your payment information is encrypted, no one will ever know that it was you who conducted the search. Legal professionals use these online sites on a daily basis to gather data for clients who are involved in lawsuits or other legal matters. There are volumes of Vermont arrest records available to the public and there is the possibility of a state-based search producing erroneous information. But, with an online search site, you know that the records are being cross-referenced and will weed out any data that doesn’t coincide with the record you’re searching for. Find out more about online search sites and how you can look for Vermont criminal records by clicking on the link.