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Vermont Birth Records

Perhaps the most important of the many public records referring to a person, birth records detail the many details of the birth of a person and other information that would someday prove necessary for said person in case he or she wants to prove that he or she is who he or she claims to be. Ideally, copies of birth records would always be on hand for the person whom the records refer to, but this ideal is often challenged by the relatively mobile way that people now live their lives, with people moving all across the country. While moving around, it is not impossible for birth records to be lost, but unlike in the earlier times, acquiring copies of birth records from records depositories, such as Vermont Birth Records, are no longer as tedious and difficult as it was before.

Birth records are supposed to be public records, but because of the importance of the facts and information contained within these records, the people who could request for the same are actually limited in scope. Only the person whom the records refer to and his or her close relatives could make the request, and even then, they would have to fulfill a certain set of procedures that would prove that they are who they claim to be.

Birth Records Vermont

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In the state of Vermont, request for birth records go through either one of two departments, though the procedure is actually the same. There are two departments because the first one, the Vermont Department of Health, only keeps birth records for five years before they are shipped to the Vermont State Archives where they would stay for the foreseeable future. Thus, if the record being sought for refers to a birth that occurred within the last five years, then the department to visit would be the Department of Health, if not, then it is the State Archives that must be visited.

Nevertheless, the procedure is the same and it starts with the searcher downloading the relevant form from the website of the Department of Health or the State Archives. The request form for a birth record is the same on both agencies, as is the procedure. The next step would be to fill up the certificate as accurately as possible and to attach to it a copy of any government issued identification card with the signature of the searcher. Next to be done would be to make a money order to correspond to the required fee which is ten dollars per copy at both departments. That done, the next step would be to notarize the application form before sending the same either to the department of health or to the state archives as the case may be.

Birth records are also available online, albeit through a number of online databases that are mostly unaffiliated with the government. Despite this, they do present the same information as the government offices and databases, though they provide their information at a faster and more efficient manner, with most actually not charging anything for the use of their services.

Birth Records Vermont
The procedure to follow when requesting for a birth record at the state level is given below

  • Download the application form
  • Fill up the application form as accurately as possible.
  • Attach on the application form a copy of any government issued identification card with your signature and a notarized statement detailing your relationship with the person named in the record if you are not requesting for your own birth record.
  • Determine if you should send your records to the department of health or the state archives
  • If sending to the department of health
  • Make a money order payable to the Vermont Department of Health
  • Send all requirements to the department of health
  • If sending to the state archives
  • Make a money order payable to the Vermont Secretary of State
  • Send all requirements to the state archives

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