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Utah Police Records

If you need to expunge your own police and criminal records, you may make a request to the state to search through Utah police records, but Utah doesn’t allow people to have access to another’s criminal records. There are certain organizations that may obtain copies of official background data about others, but if you’re a private citizen who needs to search through police records, you can’t do it in Utah. To find out more information about how Utah conducts its searches of police records, write to or call the following organization:

Dept. of Public Safety
Bureau of Criminal Identification
3888 W. 5400 South
Salt Lake City, Utah 84129
Phone: (801) 965-4445


Police Records Utah


There are other ways to get the information you need about a person’s background. Private, Internet search sites can gather and send you criminal background information within minutes after you make the submission and pay a reasonable fee. You may need the data for personal or business reasons to solve a problem in your life or to protect yourself or your business from fraud. Since the advent of the Internet, search sites have popped up that can help you with your search.

Utah Police Reports Public Record

Searching through an Internet site is easy and you can be sure that the information you receive is accurate and up-to-date. Also, Internet site search engines have the power of their sophisticated databases and far-reaching capabilities to cross-reference several states for the information you need. Today, we can’t be too careless about people we let into our lives, our businesses and those who may be around those we love. People just have to be eligible to do the search in order to get the records generated at any time. By using a private Internet search site, you can be sure that you’re receiving information that will help you make an educated decision about a person in your life. As much as we’d like to take the word of people in our lives, there’s an element of fraud and deception out there that makes it impossible. We have to take care of our own safety precautions when allowing people to become close to us or those we love. Many states let private citizens search for background information about a person by paying a small fee, but even those states may not offer the most accurate or timely data because of being short staffed or dated search engines that can’t incorporate all of the search powers of the Internet. That’s why professionals such as lawyers and genealogists turn to private search site to retrieve valuable information. The link below will lead you to more information about an Internet search site that can help you search for Utah police records. Click on it to find out more.