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Ideally, every person should have at least one copy of his or her birth record. This is because birth records are some of the most important records in the life of a human being. It is also one of the few records that would never be modified after it had been made, with some birth records actually being made even before the person whom the record refers to was born, though they would always be completed after the person is born. This ideal scenario often clashes with the reality. People move around a lot, and in the process of such, they may lose this birth records, but this is no longer that much of a concern since there are now procedures on how to obtain birth records such as Utah Birth Records

Now, birth records are supposed to be available to everyone because they are public records, but because of the increase in crimes involving the same, such as identity theft, governments had been forced to curtail the issuance of birth records, authorizing their release only to a few people who are related to the person so named in the record or a relative of the same person referred to upon the same. This way, identity theft should be limited, but not necessarily eradicated.

Birth Records Utah

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At the state of Utah, the primary agency tasked with releasing birth records at the state level is the Utah Department of Health, specifically, their records division. The records division keep birth records from as far back as the year 1905, while birth records that refer to births that occur before that year may be obtained either from the state archives or from the local issuing authority of the county where the birth occurred. Of the two, a search at the state archives may be more advisable.

A request for a birth record at the state level follows a certain set of procedures, and the first would be to visit the website of the records division and from the same, download the relevant application form. Note that the correct application form must be downloaded and filled up accurately before the searcher should attach a copy of their identification on the same and notarized. The next step would be to answer for the required fee by making a money order. The required fee is twenty dollars for the initial copy, plus eight dollars for extra copies ordered at the same time. This done, the searcher should mail the requirements to the division for processing with a copy of the identification of the searcher clearly visible on the exterior of the envelope.

Birth records are also available online through online databases. These databases, however, are not affiliated with the government so they could not be used for official government purposes, but these online databases provide the same information as the numerous government offices and agencies, and they provide the information in a faster and more efficient manner. Some of these online databases also do not charge anything for the use of their resources, and as with all internet searches, these could be done from the home of the searcher without the need to fall in line.

Birth Records Utah
Given below is the procedure to follow when requesting for birth records at the state level

  • At the website of the division of vital records, download the application form
  • Fill up the same as accurately as possible and attach a copy of any government issued identification card bearing your signature on the same.
  • Have the application form and the identification card copy notarized.
  • Make a money order payable to the division to correspond to the required fee.
  • Attach the money order to the application form.
  • Send all requirements to the division for processing

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