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Texas Criminal Records

The compilation of Texas Criminal Records starts at the local law enforcement agency which is then passed to the Crime Records Service and the Computerized Criminal History which are both under the Texas Department of Public Safety. A name-based search on criminal reports can be done publicly and privately through an online procedure for a better access. This means that such records are available for both online and offline methods at the state government.

Those interested for the reports may request for $3 each plus a 2.25 percent processing charge for each credit and a $.50 transaction payment for using a credit card. Fingerprinting would be a requirement when requesting for personal records and a request form has to be filled out to complete the process. The amount required for mailed requests would be $15.00 per copy, if fingerprints are taken through computers, an extra charge of $9.95 would be necessary.


Texas Criminal Records
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Individuals requesting for Texas criminal reports may find out specific details on all arrests, disposition of cases and prosecutions for Class B misdemeanor offenses up to felonies. However, only the documents that include convictions or deferred adjudications can be pulled out by the general public. The request must have an authorization from the assigned records agency may it be coming from a government office, justice agencies and private organizations.

Criminal Records Texas

Apart from the records services offered by the law enforcement agencies, Internet record providers now exist to extend a much more comprehensive data on Texas Criminal Records. Survey shows that an online record source must fall into the 5-point criteria comprising the consumer reviews, result quality, company safety, price value and overall value. Generally, it has to be 100% legally recognized with full money-back guarantee to affirm its honesty and legitimacy in terms of delivering the needed data.