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Before you begin your search for Wyoming death records, keep in mind that the state will only issue certified death certificates to members of the immediate family of the deceased or a legal representative of the family. The state of Wyoming may also issue a certified death certificate to an insurance company, executor of an estate, the bank of the deceased or someone involved in the death benefits of the deceased. If you meet one of these criteria, you must first obtain a form from the Wyoming Department of health and fill it out completely by stating the name of the deceased, time and place of death, your relationship to the deceased, why you need it, your signature and how to contact you. You’ll also need to include copies of identification that bears your photo and have your signature notarized on the application. The fee for a death certificate search is $10 or $13 if the state has to search in five year increments ($13 for every five years). There are no refunds, even if the death record isn’t found. Wyoming has been recording death records since 1909. Records older than fifty years might be obtained from the Wyoming State Archives. After gathering the pertinent information, send it – along with a check or money order (Vital Statistics Services) and a stamped, self-addressed envelope to:
Wyoming Vital Statistics Services
Hathaway Bldg.
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82002
Phone: (307) 777-7591

Death Records Wyoming

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The state of Wyoming will process your submission as soon as possible, but if you want the certificate expedited, you should send a self-addressed and pre-paid UPS, Express Mail or FedEx envelope to the office. Most states have requirements that you must meet before you can obtain a copy of a death certificate and privacy laws prevent just anyone from securing a copy.

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One way that you can get information you need from a death certificate is to use a private, Internet search site rather than go with the state-based search. These powerful sites maintain search engines and databases that are far-reaching and can be delivered to you in a matter of minutes after making the submission. You’ll only need a small amount of data for the Internet search site to find the death record you need, but any and all information that you can provide will help ensure the accuracy of the report. Your payment information will be encrypted, so you don’t have to worry about anyone having access to that data. Internet search services are the fastest and easiest way to retrieve vital records information for any reason whatsoever and you won’t have the red tape to contend with as you do from most states. To find out more about Internet search services and how they can help you retrieve Wyoming death records, click on the link.