West Virginia Background Check

West Virginia is a beautiful state with rolling green hills and quaint little towns. But unfortunately, crimes happen everywhere, so there are also volumes of criminal records maintained mostly by the West Virginia State Police. If you’d like to conduct a West Virginia background check, you can fill out the Criminal and Crash Report Request Form and send it to the following address:

West Virginia State Police
Criminal Investigation Reports
725 Jefferson Rd.
South Charleston, West Virginia 25309
Phone: (304) 746-2178

Send the form and the amount of the fee (fee varies depending on the type of request) to the above address. Sometimes the results obtained from a state-based search are sketchy and don’t contain all of the information that you might need to make a decision about a person. If you want a more thorough and up-to-date record of the person in question, check out an online search site that offers privacy and the advantage of powerful search engines to find the information.

State Of West Virginia
Background Check

Internet search sites have grown very popular in the previous years because of the vast amounts of information that can be retrieved within seconds and with only a click of the mouse. If you have access to a computer and the Internet, you can choose an online search site for all your background check needs. When you use a private site, all you need to do is enter some information about the person in question and click on the ‘submit’ key. The search engines go to work at once plowing through the databases of the state that contains the background information you need. Within seconds or minutes, you’ll receive a full report sent to your private email address. No waiting for ‘snail’ mail to deliver it and then discovering that it isn’t complete or is flawed in some way. Internet sites employ professionals who are adept at finding information by using certain methods on the net. Cross-referencing capability allows these sites to possibly find information that you had no idea existed and you can gain pertinent data such as current addresses, phone numbers, previous marriages and divorces. Legal professionals use these Internet sites every day to find data that will help them solve a case or help a client with legal issues.

West Virginia State Police Background Check

Most of these sites have encrypted payment information, so no one will suspect that you performed the background search. All of your data will be kept safe. The private sites usually charge a reasonable fee to conduct the search and will take credit cards. If no record is revealed about the person you submitted, no fee is charged. Performing a background check on new persons entering your life is a good way to set your mind at ease that you’re protecting yourself and your family in every way. Click on the link now to see how you can perform a West Virginia background check.