Virginia Police Records

Virginia Police Records are maintained at the Virginia State Police station. Part of its jurisdiction is to monitor the operations within the Bureau of Criminal Investigation, Bureau of Field Operations and Bureau of Administrative and Support Services. These offices work hand in hand to uphold the law and secure the general public within the covered area of responsibility. Virginia’s state police agency is also the brain behind the Central Criminal Records Exchange where the main database is situated.

Name-based searches are only catered to third parties who are requesting for police documents at the amount of $15.00 per name through online or mailed applications. Private organizations that are obliged to do a fingerprint check needs to pay $13.00 per search. Individuals concerned will get the opportunity to pull-off records but with limited details only. The State Police office has a website where anyone can download the request form and fill it out to get started. Prior to sending it to the designated agency, one has to have it notarized first and enclose $15.00 along with the form.

Police Records Virginia

Kinds of information that can be retrieved include the wanted persons in Virginia with mug shots and offenses of the fugitives. You get to find out also the Fugitive of the Week, Central Virginia Most Wanted Fugitive of the Week, Richmond City Probation and Parole Ten Most Wanted Fugitives, FBI’s Most Wanted, and United States Marshals Service 15 Most Wanted. The Sex Offender Registry works under the same office as well where searches can be executed by zip code.

Virginia Police Reports Public Record

While these manual resources are still available today, the online service providers flourished to make the search more systematic and quicker to obtain. With the Internet’s ability to store-up public records today, conducting an online Virginia Police Records search becomes a reality with the advancement of modern technology. This is the time when search results are generated in just a few clicks within the comfort of one’s home. Just make it a point to choose a 100% legitimate website with complete money-refund service to perform the lookup successfully.