Virginia Divorce Records

The Division of Vital Records office has been tasked to keep Virginia Divorce Records for any future legal uses. A fee of $12.00 per copy will be demanded for the service charge. The said official documents contain information since January 1918 up to these days. Those that are not found through the state-level search should be coordinated with the Clerk of Court in county where the dissolution of marriage was declared to be official.

Historically, it took 50 years before such official files became a public domain. Thus, anybody who is a legal citizen has the full right to make a request for the acquisition of the said reports. Over 7 million paper documents are maintained in the database and almost 40, 000 requests are accommodated per month. The processing time though is lengthy as it takes from 1 to 4 weeks before the application is completed. These reports are supposedly available to the immediate family members only. However, for legal purposes, others may do the request provided that standard procedures are followed and vital proofs are presented.


Divorce In Virginia

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To get it rolling, the first thing to do is secure a copy of the application form and fill-out the necessary information including the name of wife and husband, location and date of divorce, your contact detail, your relationship with the divorced person and your application purpose. The signature of the requesting party must be affixed and send the request to the address specified on the form. Payments are made either through check or money order.

VA Divorce Records

Dealing with all the pre-requisites in government offices can be tedious and in most cases time consuming due to some limitations in human or facility aspects. Fortunately, the advancement of modern technology nowadays has turned the search into something that is more preferable because it is much faster and easier to perform. The big secret is to look for a 100% legal online resource with full money-refund guarantee to efficiently conduct a Virginia Divorce Records check.