South Dakota Public Records

You may search through criminal records, birth, death, divorce and many other South Dakota public records through the state by sending a request to the following address:

Union County Clerk of Court
209 E. Main, Ste. 230
Elk Point, South Dakota 57501sd
Phone: (605) 773-3331

There are many other South Dakota counties that can perform a search for you. The fee is $15 to $25 per record and there is no refund if the record isn’t found. Felony and misdemeanor records are available and you might be able to find out if someone in your life is a sex offender or scam artists by conducting a simple search from the state. You’ll need the full name of the individual, including any aliases, if known. Some information can’t be released to the general public, including juvenile records or records that include medical or identification information.

South Dakota Court Records Public Access

Internet search sites are also good methods to use when searching for public records. These private sites have become more numerous since the Internet is able to plow through major volumes of data in a short amount of time.

South Dakota Vital Records

Search engines and databases used by these private sites are much more powerful and sophisticated than those normally used by states and the fees they charge are well worth the price of no hassle and red tape that you might find by using a state search. You can never be too careful about checking out people who may enter your life to become close to you or a member of your family. Today, it’s too easy to fool others by obtaining false documents that claim a past much different than what actually occurred. Hiring someone for your business needs or as a caregiver for a child is an act that should be backed up by the most information that you can find on the person’s background. An Internet site can search farther and wider than a state-based search and provide you with data that might not be revealed from the state. This information will allow you to make an educated decision about a person and set your mind at ease that you’ve done everything you can to preserve the safety of your business and family. Many people are now using private search sites to give them background information about others they may have met online. It’s easy to brag about yourself on dating sites and make it seem that you’re much more successful and moral than you really are. That’s one reason why these private Internet sites have become so popular among the private sector. Legal professionals and genealogist have been using these sites for a long time to gather data about a legal case or to further a family tree search. Check out an online search site by clicking on the link and discover how one of these sites can help you find South Dakota public records.