Nebraska Public Records

Since the Freedom of Information Act was passed, private citizens have had the right to search through a state’s public records. But, there are some states who maintain privacy laws that make it impossible for just anyone to access certain records. Nebraska is one state that requires you to provide copies of photo identification and a reason why you need or want the record. You may send a request or call for more information about Nebraska public records through the following office:

The DHHS Office of Vital Records
1033 ‘O’ St., Ste. 130
Lincoln, Nebraska 68509
Phone: (402) 471-2871

Certain background data can help you find data for a family tree or help to set your mind at ease about a person in your life. Public records can also be essential to prove certain legal matters such as marriage, divorce, birth and death. Nebraska has been officially keeping vital records since 1904 and has a vast amount of information available – if you qualify.

Nebraska Court Records Public Access

Internet search sites are also available to anyone who needs to conduct a search for a public record for any reason. They can cut through the red tape you might experience by conducting a state-based search and quickly and easily find and deliver the information you need or want. Many legal professionals and genealogists use these highly rated sites on a daily basis and maintain monthly memberships, but you can also conduct a one-time search. The private sites are fee-based and all you need to do is enter some basic information about the person whose record you want and pay the fee — which is refundable if no record is found. A private search gives you the added benefits of being able to search through other states if no record is found in Nebraska. These sites maintain databases and search engines that can quickly cross-reference other states and find records that you may not have known existed.

Nebraska Vital Records

This benefit can be essential if you know very little about the person whose record you’re searching for and can save you much time and anguish if you receive the wrong information or not enough. There’s no reason not to base a decision about a person on accurate and timely information. A private search site can provide that data and give you peace of mind. It can also save you from being defrauded, scammed or even worse. No one wants to distrust a person, but the truth is that in today’s transient society, we can never be sure until we request a background search that will reveal court-documented information we can rely on. See how you can use a private, Internet search site to find Nebraska public records or almost any state’s public record(s) that you need.