Louisiana Public Records

Louisiana is one of the most transparent states when it comes to revealing public records. After the Freedom of Information Act, they put together a plan that helps the public find any vital record they might need quickly and easily. Vital records are essential at times in our lives when we need to prove certain issues such as marriage, divorce, death or divorce. You can actually request Louisiana public records by mail. You’ll need to complete the correct form for the search you want, have it certified and send it, along with a $5 check or money order to the following address:

Louisiana Office of Public Health Director
Vital Records Registry
P.O. Box 60630
New Orleans, Louisiana 70160
Phone: (318) 676-5222

Louisiana Court Records Public Access

If you know the parish where the event took place, it may be faster to contact that parish’s Office of Vital Records department. You may have to wait several days or weeks to receive a response since most state offices are under-staffed and may not have up-to-date records that can match your search request.

Louisiana Vital Records

Another method now being used to search for public records is the Internet. Fee-based, online search sites have sprung up since the advent of the Internet to help people circumvent the hassle and time it takes to receive information from the state. You can choose a site that will use all the power of vast databases and search engines to find the information you need and deliver it to you via email. The report should contain the most accurate and timely data available and is usually delivered to you within minutes after you submit some pertinent information about the person. The Internet has become a tool that is vital to look up records and can cross-reference data in other states as well as from the one you requested. In the past, people had to go to the offices where vital records were kept and possibly spend hours looking for what they needed. Now, with a click of the mouse, you can begin that search and discover data that can help you in all sorts of ways. Background searches are important to clear up information about someone in your life – or someone you’re considering letting into your life. The media is full of stories that have been defrauded – or worse – by trusting a person who is out to scam or cause harm to you or your family. Internet search sites let you avoid that problem by helping you see the true background of the person in question. Do your research about Internet search sites and choose one that can help you find Louisiana public records. Click on the link to get started.