North Dakota Divorce Records

Before you begin to search through the state for North Dakota divorce records, you should be aware that you must know the county in which the divorce was granted. If you don’t know the county, you may contact the Division of Vital Records at the following address:

North Dakota Division of Vital Records
State Capitol
600 East Blvd. Ave.
Bismarck, ND 58505-0200
Phone: (701) 328-2360

While you can’t receive a copy of the divorce decree from this office, they will point you in the direction of the appropriate county. When you find out which county was the scene of the divorce, you can then call or write to that county clerk’s office to find out their individual procedures and other requirements such as fees. Then, you can apply to receive a copy. The county may need you to send a copy of your photo identification and include that with the fee and the request letter or form. North Dakota, along with many other states, have passed privacy laws that prevent the general public from receiving divorce decree information, so you may be asked to state the reason for the request and your relationship to at least one of the people listed in the decree. You may receive a short version of the divorce data, but much will be withheld.


Divorce In North Dakota

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ND Divorce Records

If you want to receive more information about the divorce in question – such as child custody issues, settlements, properties and alimony – you may want to secure the services of a private, online Internet search service. These services are able to use the power of their vast databases and powerful search engines to bring details to your attention that you likely won’t receive from a state-based search. The fees are very reasonable, and you’ll probably receive the information you requested within a matter of minutes. Your payment information is encrypted, so there’s no chance of anyone discovering that you were the person who requested the data. This might be important if you want to check out the divorce background of a person you’re engaged to or whom you have suspicions about. Many legal professionals and genealogy researchers use these services on a monthly basis, but if you only have need of a one-time search, you can simply pay a single fee to get the data and set your mind at ease – or inform you of deception in the relationship. All you need to do to incorporate a private, Internet search is to provide the minimal amount of information needed to perform an accurate search. After you submit it, you’ll soon receive a detailed report about the divorce decree. Simply click on the link if you want to find out more information about how you can peruse the services of an Internet search site to find North Dakota divorce records.

Nebraska Divorce Records

Nebraska divorce records are fairly easy to access from the state. You just need to know a few facts about what’s required to get the record. For example, in Nebraska, you must state a purpose for wanting the record. You may be one of the people listed on the decree or related to a person on the decree. Also, divorce certificates are only available for those that occurred after 1909. You’ll need to download or request an application to acquire a divorce decree and include such information as the names of the petitioner and respondent, county in which the divorce took place, when granted and your relation to at least one of the people listed on the decree. Send a check or money order (payable to Nebraska Vital Records) for $11 to:

DHHS Office of Vital Records
1033 ‘O’ St., Suite 130
Lincoln, NE 95065
Phone: (402) 471-2871


Divorce In Nebraska

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NE Divorce Records

Also, you’ll need to send a copy of recent and up-to-date photo identification. The fee is non-refundable, even if no record is found. You may need to search through Nebraska divorce records for genealogical reasons, proof of divorce, immigration or a number of legal issues. Many people use divorce records as part of a background search to prove that someone who has recently entered your life is telling the truth. Know that you don’t have to go through all of the red tape involved in conducting a state-based search. The Internet provides several online search sites that let you take advantage of receiving a more up-to-date and thorough report without having to reveal who is searching for the record. And, if no record is found, the fee is returned to you. Internet search sites employ professionals to compile information into a complete and concise report for you, rather than the “no particular order” you’ll receive from a state-based search. Since an Internet search site can reach so much farther because of powerful databases and search engines, you’ll receive much more information on the report. Statistics such as whether or not the persons in the decree have been married before, maiden names, past addresses, settlements, alimony and child custody issues will all be included in an online, private search. Those details aren’t usually revealed in a state-based search.

Finding information about a particular divorce record can set your mind at ease and you can proceed with your life or your search for ancestral information. You owe it to yourself to use a search site that will deliver all of the data you need to make an educated decision. Click on the link to learn more about how Internet search sites can help you find Nebraska divorce records – or any state’s records.

Hawaii Divorce Records

If you want to search through Hawaii divorce records, you must first find out if you’re eligible. To be eligible to request a divorce record in Hawaii, you should be able to prove that you have a direct interest in locating the information. For example, you might be the petitioner or respondent listed in the decree, a child of a person mentioned in the decree, a legal professional or some other reason that you need a copy of the decree. You must also need to request and then send in an application that includes as much information as you have about the persons listed in the decree, plus your name, address and phone number, your relationship to the person on the certificate, file number (if possible), date the event occurred, and a valid reason why you the decree copy. After you’ve completed the application, send to:

Hawaii State Dept. of Health
Office of Health Status Monitoring
Vital Statistics Section
P.O. Box 3378
Honolulu, HI 96801
Phone: (808) 241-3498

Divorce In Hawaii

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The fee for obtaining a copy of a Hawaii divorce record certificate is $10 and $4.00 for each extra copy. Payment should be made in the form of money order, certified check or cashier’s check and you should also include copies of your identification and the application. Personal checks will not be accepted. If this sounds like a time consuming task to you, know that you can also find Hawaii divorce records through a fee-based, online service. These services have become popular sites on the Internet since there is such a vast amount of information available and so few people to search for records through the state. Also, a state-based search may take longer simply because government staff has been reduced drastically. You may wait longer than ten business days to even have the request aren’t enough. A fee-based, Internet search site can have the information you requested in moments. Even better, you don’t have to go through all of the paperwork involved in a Hawaii state-based search. All you have to do is enter all the information you have about the parties involved in the divorce, pay a reasonable fee and submit the data. Your payment information is encrypted and will never be revealed to anyone. You don’t have to worry about someone finding out that you requested a divorce record search and you don’t have to present a reason for the search.

HI Divorce Records

Whether you need a divorce record for genealogical purposes, to find out if a person you’re interested in has a divorce in his or her past or to discover details about the divorce, you’ll find that an Internet search service is a more convenient process than a state-based service. Most state-based services won’t include details of the divorce such as custody issues, settlements, alimony, past addresses and past marriages or divorces. A fee-based service maintains databases and search engines that can quickly and accurately pull up such data and deliver it to you in record time. If you’re thinking of searching through Hawaii divorce records, click on the link to find out more about fee-based search sites.

Alaska Divorce Records

Alaska, as in some other states, only allows the husband or wife (or a legal representative for one or the other) named in the divorce proceedings to obtain a copy of a divorce certificate. Each request for a divorce certificate must include a copy of a photo ID and a signed copy of the request form. You can download the request form, fill it out and then send it with the required documentation and a fee of $30 to:

Alaska Dept. of Health and Social Services
Bureau of Vital Statistics
P.O. Box 110675
Juneau, AK 99811-0675
Phone: (907) 465-3391

Divorce In Alaska

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It may take as long as two or three weeks after the bureau receives the request for processing. The fee should be in the form of a credit card and you should know that the fee is not refundable even if they don’t find a valid record. A divorce certificate can serve several important factors such as proof that a divorce actually happened so that one can marry again, immigration purposes and for genealogy information. If you’re not a legal representative or one of the persons mentioned in the divorce, but need to get a copy of an Alaska divorce record, you can also secure the services of an online, fee-based search service. Then using one of these reputable services, you won’t have to prove your identity and you can be sure that all of your personal information is kept strictly confidential. Your payment data is encrypted, so no one will ever know that you made the request. Many legal professionals now use the services of an online, private search site because of the speed and ease they allow. After you enter some information about the divorced parties, all you need to do it submit the data and usually within moments, you’ll have a report delivered to your computer. You can then read the report in the privacy of your own home or office.

AK Divorce Records

Fee-based, online services have become extremely popular during the last decade as our society has become more transient and it’s more important to find out background information on a person who has recently entered our lives. It could be in the form of a new neighbor, coach, nanny, love interest or anyone who has access to you, your home or family. If they’re not what they say they are, information such as divorce records can reveal some much-needed data that you’ll need to make a decision. Divorce records obtained from a reputable, online search service might contain former addresses, spouse(s), custody of children, financial settlements and more. No matter what your need for vital information such as Alaska divorce records, click on the link to find out what you need to do to begin the search process.

New Jersey Divorce Records

There are a variety of reasons why you might want to search through New Jersey divorce records, including proof that you’re divorced so that you can marry again. Another reason might be for immigration uses. But, be aware that in New Jersey the only people who can access divorce records are the parties who petitioned for the divorce, a child, parent or a legal representative of the two parties. If you are one of those people, you can apply to the Records Center of New Jersey’s Superior Court by filling out an application, including a copy of a valid identification (with photo) and sending to the following address:

Superior Court Clerk
Superior Court of New Jersey
171 Jersey St.
P.O. Box 967
Trenton, NJ 08625-0967


Divorce In New Jersey

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NJ Divorce Records

Also, include a check or money order for $10 with the application payable to the Superior Court Clerk of New Jersey. If you’re not one of the people allowed to access New Jersey divorce records, you can bypass the state search in favor of an online search service that charges a fee for the search. You’ll get much more information in the report by using this type of search service. For example, a state-based search will likely only provide critical dates and names of the parties, whereas a professional search will reveal that and previous addresses, child custody and alimony issues and much more. You may want to search through divorce records for genealogy purposes – to find lost relative, citizenship facts, medical documents and birth and death information. This data isn’t kept in divorce record files in most states, but can be accessed through divorce records by applying through a professional, fee-based online service. Divorce record information obtained from an online site can usually be obtained with a minimal amount of information. They use much more powerful search engines and databases than state-based searches and their search will include other states too. You’ll be more assured of receiving a report that you can count on to be accurate and up to date.

Usually, a divorce record report obtained from an online agency will be delivered in a matter of moments and you can read it in the privacy of your own home or office. Also, no one will ever know that you requested the report. All information is kept encrypted and will never be revealed. Vital record data is an important part of today’s world because of all the scams and fraud that happen, both on the Internet and off. You never know that what a person is telling you is true – until you see their government records. Learn how to search through New Jersey divorce records today by using an online search service. Simply click on the link for more information.

South Carolina Divorce Records

In the state of South Carolina, you should know that divorce was not legal before the year 1868. Now, as in some other states, South Carolina divorce records are kept by the Office of Vital Records. In South Carolina, divorce records have been kept in the Vital Records office of the state since 1962. If you want a divorce record from an earlier time, you’ll need to make the request through the court clerk in the county where the divorce was filed. Requirements of the state of South Carolina are that you be one of the divorce petitioners, children, former spouses or a present spouse of one of the petitioners or a legal representative. If you’re not in this group you can request a statement that provides the divorce’s date and county. Make a request through the Vital Records division at:

South Carolina DHEC
Vital Records
2600 Bull St.
Columbia, SC 29201
Phone: (803) 898-3630


Divorce In South Carolina

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You’ll need to fill out an application, providing the information of the names of the divorced parties, your relationship to one of them, your own contact information and the reason for the search. The application should be signed by you and before mailing, include a copy of a valid photo identification. Also include a $12 check or money order as fee for the search. Even though South Carolina adheres to the Freedom of Information Act of 1966, the state also recognizes that the divorced parties are entitled to some privacy, so if you choose a state-based search you may receive sketchy information.

SC Divorce Records

You can also use a professional, fee-based online service to search through a state’s divorce records. All you have to do is choose a reputable online site, pay a reasonable fee and enter as much information as you can about the divorced parties. You should receive the desired information about the divorce in a matter of moments and it will be compiled into a report that you can easily read and comprehend. Online services have the ability to search much farther than one state. Their databases and search engines are much more powerful than state-based ones and can pull up valuable information that you may not receive from a state search. Many legal professionals, archivists and others use online sites on a daily basis and maintain monthly memberships. They need data fast and need to be assured of its accuracy, rather than waiting a week to two weeks for the information to be delivered through the mail. You can search on a one-time basis and pay a one-time fee if you desire. Some of the information you might receive from an online search that you wouldn’t be able to access from a state search are issues about children, custody and visitation, settlements, liabilities and assets and whether or not there was alimony involved. You may also be able to see what the official reason for the divorce states.

Click on the link to get all the information you need about how to begin a search of South Carolina divorce records from an online search site.

Kentucky Divorce Records

The state of Kentucky has archived the divorce records at the office of Vital Statistics, Department for Public Health, Cabinet for Health and Family Services. The amount due for the service charge would be $6.00 per copy for the documents that are stored since June 1958 up to present. Such legal files can also be found at the county level more specifically at the Clerk of County court where the license was given. These reports are maintained in compliance with the law that’s being implemented.

Furthermore, the said office accommodates transactions which relate to divorce certificate only. Those who are after of the original divorce decrees are updated at the Circuit County Clerk. On the other hand, earlier records can be retrieved directly from the County Clerk’s office. For mail requests, you need to pay through check or money order while for phone and walk-in applications, one need to pay using a credit card. Unfortunately, the mentioned office cannot perform online transactions for such documents.


Divorce In Kentucky

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Residents in Kentucky have the right to request and obtain the reports as provided by the state’s law. Reasons for acquiring such files may vary according to personal or legitimate purposes like for court proceedings. However, there are certain particulars that are not divulged as per request of the divorced person. These details include cause of divorce, how the asset and liabilities were resolved, issues related to child custody and alimony. Apart from the government agencies, private record providers can also be tapped to do the work for you. It’s just that you have to pay more for the service fee.

KY Divorce Records

Well, modern technology these days bring the information search on a higher level. This entails that Kentucky divorce records can now be legally searched through the web at home. On that note, conducting a check on someone can be done more discreetly with complete privacy. Also, you no longer have to get to the office to request for it. So long as you have the Internet at home, you can download the data you need in a few minutes. The tip is to find a 100% legitimate source which offers a money-back guarantee.

Maryland Divorce Records

Maryland rules not to keep divorce records in a centralized state database, the archiving of such legal files is done at the respective counties where the dissolution of marriage was pronounced to be official. The Maryland Vital Statistics Administration office of the state is only tasked to verify certain records with the help of the county Circuit courts and not keep them in a database. The county Circuit court has the authority to issue a certified copy of a divorce decree.

These legal reports are not disclosed to just anybody. Only the divorcing husband and wife, former spouses or a legal representative can have access to the said documents. The Vital Statistics office can only divulge certain particulars which include the names, date and location where the divorce was filed. To get started, you need to print the application form from the state’s owned site and fill it out completely with the needed details on the form. An amount of $12.00 per copy shall be required along with the request.


Divorce In Maryland

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In Maryland, divorce records have long been kept and updated since January 1, 1992 until now. But, the Clerk in the Superior court office has collected older files to conduct a much wider search. Request payment shall vary though depending on how much information you would want to know about or how much data you have provided for the lookup. The department of Vital Records receives the amount, but does not allow conducting for genealogical researches. For the said purpose, the State of Maryland Archives caters such kind of service.

MD Divorce Records

But, with the development of modern technology these days, Maryland divorce records are now uploaded on the web for much easier and faster access. With this shift to online retrieval of reports, searching can be performed at home anytime with complete privacy. The tip is to look for a 100% legitimate website which offers a money-refund guarantee to make sure that you’re doing business with a legal source of information.

Missouri Criminal Records

The Criminal Justice Information Services or CJIS is the right department when you need to look for Missouri Criminal Records. They are the ones in-charge in maintaining, collecting and releasing of each and every unlawful account in the State. CJIS provides this information typically for criminal justice purposes to law enforcement bureaus and approved state and employment organizations. This piece of paper contains descriptions and notations on arrests, detentions, indictments and so on.

In this region, you may tackle such search in two different ways. First is through supplying details of the person like name, date of birth and social security number, usually called personal identifier exploration or name-based search. Take note though that this method only returns open accounts. The cost of this procedure is $10. You may send your application through mail, walk-in or the web. Today, CJIS introduced their latest web-based directory called MACHS or Missouri Automated Criminal History Site for easier access.

Missouri Criminal Records
Public Access

Second is through fingerprint verification. In this process not only open files are delivered to you but also the closed ones. This basically means that fingerprint method provides all information in regards to the unlawful background of the person. However, these are only accessible for personal account claims or for authorized bureaus. At the moment, the cost for this transaction is $20.00. Acceptable methods of payment are through money order and check issuance. Expect 3-4 weeks for these requests to be delivered whether name-based or fingerprint.

Criminal Records Missouri

It is an instinct that dwellers must get to know the people around them very well in order to feel at ease and comfortable at all times. It is completely absurd to have second thoughts when it comes to personal and family security. Private-based data service providers are available online to help you jump-start with your researches. Since most documents are transferred in one single database and online, it surely pays to take a look at the web and see various offers. The best way is to check feedback from other clients, requirement of small payment and secure money-back guarantee for online service.

Missouri Divorce Records

Given that an inhabitant is eligible to avail such information, Missouri Divorce Records may be acquired without any hassle. In this region, a resident may request for a certified duplicate of a divorce decree by getting in touch with the Circuit Clerk in the county where the verdict was issued. However if you are not familiar with the appropriate district of the happening, you can always apply for these files at the Department of Health and Senior Services in Jefferson City. There are required steps to accomplish this application.

First is to get hold of the request form for copy of Statement Relating to Marriage or Divorce online. Second is to determine the exploration charge for the document, usually, $15 per file. The law states that before making any transactions with the government particularly getting copies of vital accounts, appropriate fees must be paid. Make sure to also address your check or money order to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. Take note they must be drawn on a U.S. bank and cash payments are not accepted through mail.


Divorce In Missouri

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There is a normal processing period of two to four weeks for delivery. Do not forget to include in your application especially when you are sending a written request details like whole name of husband and maiden name of wife, date when the annulment occurred, place of happening, your consanguinity to the man or wife, remember to specify which and an explanation why the requested statement is needed. Depending on purpose, there are many reasons why such account is desired. Certainly, a lot of people want to verify the marital status of another especially for a budding relationship.

MO Divorce Records

A lot is done through the Internet today. Separation certainly is not anymore a thing that is kept from the public eye. Given that you have the authority to avail such account, access is easy. A good option is through the Internet. Today, a number of commercial data service providers are present to offer these outputs. Because most information is documented online, it is most convenient to avail this method. By paying a tiny cost to a dependable data retrieval service company, you get information fast and easy.