Pennsylvania Public Records

Most of the vital records in Pennsylvania are available to the public, however some guidelines may apply. The Freedom of Information Act gave private citizens the ‘right to know’, but each state has limitations about how much or what data is considered private or public. For example, some state records are considered classified, others might include private information about a person, such as a social security number. In the interest of preserving the identity of people such information might not be released. You may request a Pennsylvania public records search through the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records by sending pertinent information and search fees to the following office:

Pennsylvania Office of Open Records
Commonwealth Keystone Bldg.
400 North St.; 4th Flr.
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17120
Phone: (717) 346-9903

Pennsylvania Court Records Public Access

A response to your request may take three or four weeks and you should know that any fee is not refundable. Contact the office to know which fee is applicable to your search.

Pennsylvania Vital Records

There may be many reasons to conduct a search through Pennsylvania public records. Professionals often search to reveal information about a legal case or solve a court issue. Private citizens are realizing that performing background searches on people in their lives is a good way to know if someone is telling the truth about his or her past. A thorough background search on a new neighbor, love interest, teacher or caregiver can set to rest any apprehensions you may have about a person – or provide a red flag that tells you he’s not telling the truth or might be dangerous to yourself or your family. A quick and easy way to search through public records is through the various online search services available on the Internet. The Internet has made it possible to plow through tons of records is a very short amount of time. Private search site use the most up-to-date and reliable search engines and databases to find the record you need and send it to your email address. The report will contain information that you may not receive from a state-based search because of the restrictions placed on the state. You can be assured that you’re making a decision about a person based on the most reliable and timely data possible. These sites are fee-based, but if no record is found, you pay nothing. Using a private Internet search site is a good way to set your mind at ease about a person in your life. Many tragedies could be avoided if more people made use of the opportunities the Internet offers to check out a person’s background. If you want to know more about how an Internet search site can help you find Pennsylvania public records, click on the link below.