Pennsylvania Background Check

The Pennsylvania State Police is responsible for recording past offenses and vital records of those who live or have lived in the state. You may access Pennsylvania vital and background records in a couple of ways. One is to send a request by mail to the following address:

Pennsylvania State Police
Pennsylvania State Police Central Repository – 164
1800 Elmerton Ave.
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17110
Phone: (717) 425-5546

You’ll also need to fill out a request form titled “Criminal History Request Form.” After you complete the form, send it to the above address with a $10 money order or certified check as fee for the search. If you need more information about how to proceed with the background check, contact the office listed above. It’s important that you fill out the form thoroughly and provide all the information you have about the person to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the search.

State Of Pennsylvania
Background Check

To bypass the time and red tape of conducting a state-based search, you also have the option of using a private, online search site. One of the advantages of using these sites is that you receive almost instantaneous results, whereas a state-based search conducted by mail may take days or even weeks. It’s also vital that you receive all information available about the person so you can make a decision about him or her.

Pennsylvania State Police Background Check

In today’s transient society, people often lie about their backgrounds to gain employment opportunities or to commit fraud against an individual or perform other crimes against non-suspecting people. There’s no way to know if a person is telling the truth unless you have a portal into his or her past. These private online sites can give you the portal you need to check on anyone in your life. One of the most common reasons to check out the backgrounds of people is if you’re thinking of hiring a nanny or caregiver to a child or elderly person. You can’t be too careful about anyone who has access to your loved ones. Knowing that you’ve done everything you can to protect yourself and your family can give you peace of mind that you can never get by guessing or taking the word of the person in question. Another reason for checking out a person’s background is for a new love interest in your life. The headlines are full of stories that tell of well-meaning people who fall for the lies of a person who is only out to defraud them. Life savings are lost and hearts are broken because these people didn’t take the time or make the effort to conduct a simple, online background check. Don’t let this happen to you – click on the link now to read about an online search site that can help you conduct a Pennsylvania background check.