Oregon Background Check

Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, private citizens are now allowed to access background information about people that government agencies always had access to. An Oregon background check may be obtained by first completing an Oregon Background check request form and then sending it with a $10 money order or certified check to the following address:

Oregon Dept. of Human Services
Department of Human Services
Background Check Unit
P.O. Box 14870
Salem, Oregon 97309
Phone: (503) 378-5470

If you need more information before sending in your request form, contact the agency listed above. State-based searches for background information may not be as thorough and complete as you would like. There is a huge volume of information that must be entered to state databases and there is usually a staff shortage in these state agencies.

State Of Oregon Background Check

Another way to conduct a background search is through the Internet. The Internet has become the preferred way to search huge volumes of data in a very short amount of time. And, the information is usually up-to-date and much more complete than you would derive from the state.

Oregon State Police Background Check

Private, Internet search sites have powerful search engines at their disposal and databases that can cross-reference other areas. You may find that a person in question has also committed crimes in other states when you search by using a far-reaching Internet site. Internet search sites charge a reasonable fee and if no record is found, you pay nothing. It’s a method used by many professionals who need to conduct background checks on a regular basis – such as lawyers and genealogists. Background searches will often reveal information about people that you couldn’t access by searching by yourself. Such data as previous marriages, divorces children, current and previous addresses will likely be included on the report. You can quickly see by the professional report whether or not the person in your life is telling the truth.

Today, it’s impossible to be too careless about letting people into your life or into the lives of those you love. Resident must seek these legal public records for the protection of the general public. The only way you know if a person is truly telling the truth about his or her past is to conduct a thorough background search. After receiving the report you can then make an educated decision about that person. Those who use online dating sites to meet people often use these online search sites to look up a person’s background. It’s too easy to tell lies, post them on a site and have people believe it. To be sure, a background check must be performed. Find out how to conduct an Oregon background check online by clicking on the link.