Delaware Divorce Records

Divorce records are listed under the category of “public domain,” and as such, you may request a record. In the state of Delaware, you can access divorce records that go back to 1953 and you can request a copy from the Delaware office of Vital Records. There is no official request form for Delaware divorce records, but you may send a written letter to request a record to:

Delaware Division of Public Health
Office of Vital Statistics
P.O. Box 637
Dover, DE 19903
Phone: (302) 739-4721

Divorce In Delaware

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Your request will be serviced by the Vital Statistics office and should include such information as the names (including maiden names) of the parties mentioned in the divorce and the place and date of which the divorce took place. You’ll also be required to enter some information about yourself – such as your name, phone number, address, relationship to a person involved in the divorce and why you want a copy of the record. Make the request short, but be sure to include all of the information that might be pertinent to the search. If you don’t know the exact date or year that the divorce was granted, offer a time span that the event may have taken place.

DE Divorce Records

There are also online, Internet search sites where you can easily access the information you require. These search sites can get to data quickly and easily because they maintain extensive databases and powerful search engines that can search through much more information in a shorter amount of time than state search sites can. They can also go back in time with a particular search much farther back than 1953. The report they send to you will be detailed in data and very comprehensible. Sometimes, state based searches might include data that’s irrelevant or leave out information that you need. Using a private, online search service can avoid all that and keep your identification safe and secure. You won’t have to state a reason why you want the record. You may need to search for a Delaware divorce record for many reasons – genealogical research, information that can verify that a person in your life is telling the truth or many other motives. These sites are simple to use and you’ll get the report in a short amount of time. Your payment information is encrypted, making it secure against anyone ever finding out that it was you who requested the search. Click on the link to find out more information about online search sites and how they can help you uncover vital information about someone you’re concerned about.

Canada Divorce Records

Canada has slightly different rules for seeking divorce records than the United States. But, it is possible to search for Canada divorce records through the Central Registry of Divorce Proceedings. Canada does limit information only to those people who were petitioners in the divorce because of provincial privacy acts. If you need a copy of a divorce certificate, request an application from the Central Registry of Divorce Proceedings, fill out the information and send to:

Department of Justice
Central Registry of Divorce Proceedings
339 Wellington St.
Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0H8
Phone: (613) 957-4519

Divorce In Canada

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The report you receive will include the full names of the parties involved in the divorce, addresses, date and area of marriage and the reason for the divorce. If you’re not a petitioner in a Canadian divorce proceeding, you can access information about the divorce by choosing an online search site that will charge a reasonable fee to look up the information for you. This type of search will provide much more information that going through Canadian government agencies, and you’ll receive the report usually in a matter of moments. Thanks to the Internet, these online search sites have developed from a need of people to find out background information about people in their lives or to search for genealogical data and more. The online sites have extremely powerful search engines and far-reaching databases that can search far beyond a government-based site. Information from a reputable, online search site will also be more accurate and recent than other methods and your identification will remain strictly confidential.

CANA Divorce Records

There are many reasons why you might want records of a divorce that took place in Canada, including for immigration, adoption, proof that you were divorced and more. Checking out a person who has recently entered yours or a loved one’s life is also a good reason for a divorce check. The Freedom of Information Act also makes it possible for the general public to look for divorce records in Canada, but they also have “privacy” laws which prevent them from releasing all of the information involved in divorce petitions. That’s why the online search services are so valuable to people who need all the information rather than a selective portion. These online sites have sprung up by the dozens since records have become available through the Internet – and they offer much more in their services than the state-based sites. To find out more about how you can search through Canada divorce records, click on the link.