Ohio Divorce Records

Regular copies of the Ohio Divorce Records are not accessible at the state’s Department of Health office. Certified copies can only be requested through the Clerk of Courts where the official separation was granted. The basic thing to perform is to make a letter of intent addressed to the clerk with the intention to retrieve some vital information. The Ohio Department of Health Office of Vital Statistics only updates an index of divorce reports that occurred since 1954 up to these days.

Abstract records only cost $3.00 for each to be placed at the Vital Statistics’ office. They also created a website where you can download the form to apply for the certified copies. Mode of payment will be via check or money order and must be sent to the address specified on the application. County authorities have their respective compilation of the said legal documents; they are collected and stored in the state’s central repository. The Court of Common Pleas in each Ohio County handles divorce documents since 1949 and forwards them to the state’s main database for centralization purposes.

It is important that you contact the county within your area to clarify information on the amount being charged for the request and other matters. Payments accepted are through check or money order to be sent to the office of the Treasurer, State of Ohio. Once the request has been received you wait from 2 to 3 weeks for the results. Divorce files that transpired before 1851 can be acquired at the state’s Supreme Court or the Chancery, or at the county’s Court of Common Pleas. For more details on older reports it is best to contact the Ohio Historical Society.


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OH Divorce Records

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