North Carolina Public Records

Never be cheated nor be harassed, check out the North Carolina Public records now for background check purposes. Government administered documents include the birth certificates, death certificates, marriage and divorce certificates. These are all obtainable at the designated agency where the jurisdiction has been declared. Requirements will have to be followed strictly in order to have a smooth transaction with whoever is in-charge of it.

Birth certificates were compiled since October 1913 at $15.00 per copy; extra copies requested at the same time will cost $5.00 each. Payment will have to be sent to the state’s Vital Records office. Death certificates also cost $15.oo per copy, plus another $5.00 if requesting for more copies of each. They had been on the record since January 1, 1946 up to present. Marriage certificates can be possessed at the same amount of $15.00 where information can be traced back in January 1962. Documents prior to that will have to be coordinated with the Registrar of Deeds in County.

North Carolina Court Records Public Access

On the other hand, divorce files were updated since January 1958 up to these days for $15.00 per copy. Those that transpired prior to the time period will have to be checked with the Clerk of Superior Court. Modes of payment are usually through personal checks or money order. Processing time normally in government business transactions takes weeks due to some limitations in resources.

North Carolina Vital Records

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