New York Police Records

Residents who are requesting for New York Police Records must fill-out the request form and submit it to the Police Department City of New York. Payments shall be made through check or money order at $15.00 per copy. The form has to have a self-addressed stamped envelope to be completely honored. The Central Records Division, under the AIDED UNIT caters Aided Reports and the requests for copies of Aided Reports. Request to these reports is payable for $10.00 per copy at the New York City Police Department.

The central repository for criminal records with fingerprints on misdemeanor and felony arrests is managed by the Division of Criminal Justice Services. Cost for requesting personal records would be $61.50, search fee of $50.00 and a processing fee of $11.50 per copy. New York authorities give full access to the public as police records are considered as open to all. Moreover, the request and fee can be mailed or submitted in person, and search results can be mailed, emailed or picked up by visiting at the office.

Police Records New York

On the other hand, Police Accident Reports will have to be requested at the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles after 30 days since the incident transpired. A fee of $20.00 per copy would be necessary for this particular transaction. As a policy, legal documents may be granted completely, to anyone requesting their personal police records such as from law enforcement agencies and criminal justice institutions.

New York Police Reports Public Record

Public records may be hard to obtain at government agencies, but this time they are definitely a breeze because online record providers come to solve the lengthy traditional procedure. Services are for both free and commercial purposes. However, the better deal comes with the paid providers since they have high standard in putting the important facts together. New York Police Records are absolutely at the tip of your fingers nowadays with the aid of computers and Internet. So long as the website is 100% legitimate with full money-refund guarantee you totally get what you’ve needed.