New York Marriage Records

Residents who are searching for New York Marriage Records may visit the New York State Department of Health or alternatively through the state’s created websites. This is where the public can request and obtain certified copies of the files. The cost per copy of the marriage certificate at the state level is $30.00 with records that began in 1880 except those from Albany, Buffalo, and Yonkers, which started in 1914 up to present.

Unlike the other states, access to such files is strictly managed. You have to have a justifiable reason for requesting the mentioned reports and to have the authority to procure a copy of the marriage certificate. The cost per copy at the city level would cost $5.00. Those who rather need certificates before 1880 may contact the City Clerk in the town where the marriage was officiated. However, there are restrictions to the said records’ access; only the bride, groom, or other persons who have a documented legal or other proper purpose may order a certified copy of such reports.


Marriage Records New York

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Requests may be done via mail, in person or through e-mail. Uncertified copies are available if they are 50 years old or older, and both couple are deceased. The 50 year is waived if the person requesting the copy is a direct-line ancestor with death records support. On the other hand, there is a different arrangement in requesting for genealogy marriage certificate which is $22.00 that’s good for a three year search.

New York Marriage License Records

Marriages filed before 1930 are maintained at the New York City Municipal Archive which can be requested in person or by mail. The whole records retrieval procedure at the government agencies may take weeks as expected. But, luckily, New York Marriage Records can now be pulled out in just a few minutes even within the privacy of one’s home. A 100% legitimate Internet record provider is the perfect solution in searching for public records. Plus, it has to offer a full money-back guarantee to make the service more credible and trustworthy.