New York Divorce Records

People in New York may obtain two different types of divorce files; the original divorce decree and the divorce certificate. The former is obtainable at the County Clerk where the petitioner lived. The latter which contains the names of the separated couple, date of divorce, and place where marriage ended, can be procured from the New York State Department of Health. Keep in mind that only the said records which occur after January 1, 1963 are retrievable.

There are restrictions as to who only can obtain such reports, the husband and wife may always request for a copy. Others may do so, but with a court order from New York. The requestor must present a proper and valid ID as necessary. In terms of requests rates, a copy of divorce certificate would cost $30.00. Those who prefer a priority mail request via UPS may do so by paying $15.00

Divorce In New York

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NY Divorce Records

All charges are payable to the New York Department of Health. Only checks and money orders are accepted excluding cash payments. Requests may be done over the phone which takes 5 to 7 working days, mail priority handling which takes about 2 to 3 weeks and the regular mail requests which take about 6 to 8 weeks. Those who are working or living overseas may send in the request through a check to be transferred on any US bank. Alternatively, you may send in money order internationally.

However, these pertinent records can be searched these days instantly with the aid of the Internet. Both paid and free records services have surfaced nowadays to feed the public with vital data. No more delays and waiting time for too long because New York Divorce Records are obtainable in minutes with high accuracy rate in terms of data and content. Searches just have to come from a 100% legitimate website with complete money-back guarantee for an excellent service satisfaction.