Nevada Divorce Records

Nevada recognizes the citizen’s right to privacy, so although you may be able to access some information about a divorce, you won’t be able to find out such data as how assets were divided, child custody issues, alimony, child support and more. First, you’ll need to write a letter of application and state certain information such as who you are, how you’re involved to those mentioned in the divorce decree and why you want the information. You should provide such data as names (including nicknames), date the divorce was granted, county in which the divorce took place and include a stamped, self-addressed envelope and a check or money order in the amount of $8 (payable to Nevada Health Division) and send to:

State of Nevada Health Division
4150 Technology Way
Carson City, NV 89706-2009
Phone: (775) 684-4242

Keep in mind that the state of Nevada only keeps divorce records from the year of 1968. If you need to look up a divorce that occurred before that year or you need more information than just the basics you would get from the state you may want to think about using an Internet search site. These sites are numerous and you won’t have any trouble finding a reputable search site that can help you immediately – and without all of the rules and regulations associated with a state search. The information you receive from an online search site will be comprehensive and up-to-date. The report will contain all of the information you need for legal, ancestral or personal consideration and you can be sure it’s accurate. These sites pride themselves in their powerful databases and search engines that reach far beyond those that states use for record searches.


Divorce In Nevada

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NV Divorce Records

Whether you want to conduct a search for genealogical data or personal issues, you’ll find that a fee-based search will provide you with the best cross-references of information and the report will usually be delivered within a matter of moments to your own computer. You can then peruse the information at your leisure and know that the data you received is correct. If no record is found, you don’t pay anything. When you use an Internet search site to find vital records, it’s so much easier than going through the states. You won’t have to reveal identification or fill out an application and you’ll never have to wait for days or weeks for a reply. If you want to find out more about online, fee-based searches, click on the link. Then, make your own decision about which method is faster and easier and that will give you the most bang for your buck.