Mississippi Marriage Records

The state’s Bureau of Vital Statistics office takes the task of updating the Mississippi Marriage Records dating 1926 to 1938. The documentation stopped for a few years for some reasons then resumed in 1942 up to present time. The state has state-wide index available which allows anyone to search by the name of the groom before the year 1926. They technically contain the personal particulars of the names on the record including parents, witnesses and the solemnizing officer.

Keep in mind though that there are two different paper documents being kept by the government during marriage. First is the marriage license, which is the document being issued to the newly wed. Second is the marriage record, which holds the full details that transpired during marital ceremony. The latter is vastly searched for in the effort of conducting a genealogical research while the former is most of the time accessible only by the direct parties involved. The court can issue an order to allow somebody to view such records but this happens for special cases alone.


Marriage Records Mississippi

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But, there are certain dates specified where you need to visit the county circuit court instead. These dates include from July 1, 1938 to December 31, 1941, and all those that had been recorded before 1926. To become eligible in placing the request you need to have government issued identification and must be the direct owner of such records or an immediate family member. The legal representative can also perform the search but must be with legal permission from the parties involved or as authorized by the court. All you have to do is completely fill out the information being asked on the form with an amount of $15.00 for the search fee and submit to the designated office.

Mississippi Marriage License Records

The good news nowadays is that these public records including those of the Mississippi marriage records can now be pulled out hassle-free through the online services that are available on the web today. This simply means that you are not going to comply with the paper requirements anymore and wait in line for the results. The great development is that you only have to stay at home and perform the search on your own. All you need to prepare is just the basic details about the person whom you want to know more about using his or her marriage documents. The services are reliable as long as you subscribe into a 100% legitimate resource with full money-back guarantee to execute the lookup.