Minnesota Background Check

You may request a Minnesota background check by sending a request to the state. Criminal records that can be accessed by the public are maintained by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety unless the records have been expunged (sealed) or if the event happened less than 15 years ago. You may mail a request to the following address:

Minnesota Dept. of Public Safety
Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension
Criminal Justice Information Systems
1430 Maryland Ave., E.
St. Paul, Minnesota 55106
Phone: (651) 793-2400

State Of Minnesota Background Check

When you write the request for a background check, be sure to include the person’s full name, date of birth and aliases that you might know the person has be using. Include a check or money order for the sum of $8 and also include a stamped, self-addressed envelope for a return reply. Be ready to wait several days to weeks for the reply. States today are overwhelmed by requests for background checks and it may take awhile to complete the search for you.

Another way to conduct a background check without having to go through the state is to use one of the many online Internet search services that provide full reports on any individual whom you request information about. These private search sites have powerful databases that have extensive and up-to-date records. They’re able to search other states to retrieve information about the person and to reach farther than a state-based search because of the massive search engines they use. These professionals are familiar with searching for past information about people. Law professionals and genealogists use the sites every day to retrieve data about a case or family tree. A thorough background search can give you information about a person’s past such as full name and aliases (if any), past and current addresses and phone numbers, marriages, divorces and criminal behavior.

Minnesota State Police Background Check

It’s important to ferret out the true past of people who may have entered your life to protect you from fraud or worse. Sexual predators exist and if allowed to be around your children or family members could cause irreparable harm. Those who commit fraud can sneak into your life in many ways, including online dating sites, Facebook and other social media sites. It’s important to beware when you’re dealing with a person who seems too good to be true to check them out. It may be that the person is hiding a criminal past that could be easily proven by conducting a background check. It’s essential to check out people in our lives so we can make an educated decision about them. Click on the link now to see how a private, Internet search site can help you perform a Minnesota background check.