Michigan Death Records

The Vital Records Request office is the central resource place for Michigan Public Death Records. Deaths that were reported to the office started way back since 1867 up to present. Today, the said legal documents can be requested for an amount of $26.00 per copy. It has been claimed that some of the files before 1897 were not formally put on record. For such cases, the county office could provide such data.

Personal check or money order is used to order the said legal files. If you wish to obtain more copies then you need to spend $12.00 for each. You may take a quick browse to such death reports and how they are applied for by simply visiting the Michigan Department of Community Health website. Charges vary depending on the policy per county where you will be requesting. Inquire from the appointed County Clerk for the requirements and rate per copy. Old records like those that occurred in 1916 can be completed in 3 months long. Earlier ones can be processed around 3 to 5 weeks.

Death Records Michigan

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The public may order through mail or in person. You may also hire an independent organization to perform the search for you but the cost would be more expensive to cover the service fees and shipping rates. Make sure that you do not forget to put your signature to validate your application. Aside from the mentioned agencies, individuals can practically do the research via Library of Michigan to check their indexes on death reports.

Michigan Death Notices

But, in today’s modern technology, even the public records are archived online for quick searching purposes. This means that Michigan Public Death Records are now downloadable using the Internet without having to comply with the paper requirements. All you need to do is sit in front of the computer and make a few clicks to pull-out the data you need. The trick is to choose a guaranteed service provider which gives your money back when unsatisfied with the search results.