Massachusetts Divorce Records

To gain access to Massachusetts divorce records, you must first apply for a search through the state. Massachusetts has kept divorce records at the Massachusetts Department of Health since 1921 and you can request a record by contacting the department through mail at:

The Registry of Vital Records and Statistics
150 Mount Vernon St., First Floor
Dorchester, MA 02125
Phone: (617) 740-2600

If you need access to a Massachusetts divorce record that took place before 1921, you’ll need to contact the State Archives department. You might want to find a record for personal reasons such as verifying that someone in your life is telling the truth about being divorced or you may want it for legal reasons. Whatever the reason, you can get some of the data in the divorce decree. However, you won’t be able to receive data such as financial, child custody or other information that’s considered private by the state. You’ll need to include some personal data along with the application such as photo identification, your name, address and other contact information. There is a fee for the service that will be listed on the application.


Divorce In Massachusetts

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MA Divorce Records

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