Maryland Divorce Records

Maryland rules not to keep divorce records in a centralized state database, the archiving of such legal files is done at the respective counties where the dissolution of marriage was pronounced to be official. The Maryland Vital Statistics Administration office of the state is only tasked to verify certain records with the help of the county Circuit courts and not keep them in a database. The county Circuit court has the authority to issue a certified copy of a divorce decree.

These legal reports are not disclosed to just anybody. Only the divorcing husband and wife, former spouses or a legal representative can have access to the said documents. The Vital Statistics office can only divulge certain particulars which include the names, date and location where the divorce was filed. To get started, you need to print the application form from the state’s owned site and fill it out completely with the needed details on the form. An amount of $12.00 per copy shall be required along with the request.


Divorce In Maryland

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In Maryland, divorce records have long been kept and updated since January 1, 1992 until now. But, the Clerk in the Superior court office has collected older files to conduct a much wider search. Request payment shall vary though depending on how much information you would want to know about or how much data you have provided for the lookup. The department of Vital Records receives the amount, but does not allow conducting for genealogical researches. For the said purpose, the State of Maryland Archives caters such kind of service.

MD Divorce Records

But, with the development of modern technology these days, Maryland divorce records are now uploaded on the web for much easier and faster access. With this shift to online retrieval of reports, searching can be performed at home anytime with complete privacy. The tip is to look for a 100% legitimate website which offers a money-refund guarantee to make sure that you’re doing business with a legal source of information.