Kentucky Marriage Records

Kentucky marriage records can be ordered from the office of Vital Statistics, department for public health and family services. The service fee required would be $6.00 per copy for records dating back June 1958 until today. As per policy in the said state, marriage documents are archived for free of access to anybody as long as the reasons for requesting are valid and legal. Those papers that were recorded prior to 1958 must need be coordinated with the County clerk where the ceremony was officiated and legitimately pronounced.

For additional copies, the cost would be $6.00 per copy and whether the record is found or not, the service fee cannot be taken back. There’s just a few important details needed before initiating the search, they include the complete names of husband and maiden name of wife, date of marriage, and the particular county where marriage had transpired. Apart from going through it manually, the said state also facilitates an online option, but needs to follow proper protocol.


Marriage Records Kentucky

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They have a website where residents can download the marriage certification application form and fill it out for submission at the Vital Statistics office. Checks and money orders are acceptable as mode of payment. Credit card payments are also catered, but by phone or walk-in orders only.

Kentucky Marriage License Records

For everyone’s information, Kentucky marriage files are primary source records which have been taken cared meticulously by the state authorities. Thus, it is an assurance that the data being integrated are really accurate and comprehensive. Three types of civil marriage records are updated within the state including marriage license, marriage register and marriage certificate. Marriage license is often used for genealogical research because it contains all the particulars of the said marriage. Marriage register is actually the documentation process done at the registrar’s office and marriage certificate is a paper file that serves as proof that exchanges of vows actually happened.

Such legal reports can be obtained at the designated office. It only takes a lengthy time though because of the usual long procedure that’s followed by each state in America. However, with the fast-paced technological advancements, paper files are now uploaded into online databases for a much smoother search. This would mean that searching for Kentucky marriage files can now be done at home with complete convenience and security. The trick is to find a 100% legitimate website that offers complete money-back service. Doing this makes the search so much simpler and more systematic.