Kentucky Divorce Records

The state of Kentucky has archived the divorce records at the office of Vital Statistics, Department for Public Health, Cabinet for Health and Family Services. The amount due for the service charge would be $6.00 per copy for the documents that are stored since June 1958 up to present. Such legal files can also be found at the county level more specifically at the Clerk of County court where the license was given. These reports are maintained in compliance with the law that’s being implemented.

Furthermore, the said office accommodates transactions which relate to divorce certificate only. Those who are after of the original divorce decrees are updated at the Circuit County Clerk. On the other hand, earlier records can be retrieved directly from the County Clerk’s office. For mail requests, you need to pay through check or money order while for phone and walk-in applications, one need to pay using a credit card. Unfortunately, the mentioned office cannot perform online transactions for such documents.


Divorce In Kentucky

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Residents in Kentucky have the right to request and obtain the reports as provided by the state’s law. Reasons for acquiring such files may vary according to personal or legitimate purposes like for court proceedings. However, there are certain particulars that are not divulged as per request of the divorced person. These details include cause of divorce, how the asset and liabilities were resolved, issues related to child custody and alimony. Apart from the government agencies, private record providers can also be tapped to do the work for you. It’s just that you have to pay more for the service fee.

KY Divorce Records

Well, modern technology these days bring the information search on a higher level. This entails that Kentucky divorce records can now be legally searched through the web at home. On that note, conducting a check on someone can be done more discreetly with complete privacy. Also, you no longer have to get to the office to request for it. So long as you have the Internet at home, you can download the data you need in a few minutes. The tip is to find a 100% legitimate source which offers a money-back guarantee.