Indiana Public Records

Public records are any document or recording pertaining to government records. In Indiana this holds true for any report, finding or record of government bureaus, agencies and commissions. It also pertains to what are known as vital records, which can include marriage certificates, death certificates, marriage licenses, divorce decrees or adoption papers. The former category are usually available with little restriction, while the latter holds restrictions on who may access them and under what circumstances. This is done to maintain an individual’s privacy and to protect their sensitive information. Any other document, let’s say criminal records or residential listings can be accessed. This can be accomplished in person, or, in many cases for free online.

Rules for Indiana Public Records

The Indiana Access to Public Records Act states:

You are entitled to inspect and copy records of “public agencies” under the APRA. The term -public agency’ is defined broadly and includes townships, cities, schools, law enforcement agencies, and any boards, commissions, agencies, or offices that exercises administrative, judicial, or legislative power. The act also includes any entity that uses public funds or is subject to audit review by the state board of accounts. Because the list is so expansive, chances are good that most state entities fall within the act.”

Indiana Court Records Public Access

Indiana Vital Records

Exemptions are made when a state authority deems the record confidential, or in the case of sensitive personal information or trade secrets.

Further Reasons for Searching Indiana Public Records and Government Public Records

There are many reasons one could have for searching government public records and Indiana Public Records. Perhaps, as a journalist, you are tasked with combing through municipal budgets to look for irregularities or, as an independent consultant that works with realtors, you want to collect data for statistical analysis on property values to give to your clients.

The public records are totally important in producing necessary details relevant to the legitimate records in Indiana. Similarly, you could cross-reference available Indiana public records to anything for as long as you are authorized by law to initiate the search for a particular cause. This information could save you time, money and possibly your physical safety.

Online Resources for Indiana Public Records and Government Public Records

To do a quick background search online that combs through government public records and Indiana public records, use a service like 123People or Pipl. These services check a person’s online information and available public records and returns results in an aggregated search. Be sure you know the name and approximate age of the person you’re doing the check on and where in Indiana they might be from. This method is a bit shaky with people with common names, for instance and is prone to replicating false information, as it’s just a search and not a paid service.

Free Public Records Search Directory is a great resource for finding information based on location. It’s a comprehensive database of links to relevant government public records, including jail and inmate records, foreclosure and tax lien sales, crime data, professional licenses, census data, etc. It even links to vital records information for all 50 states and Puerto Rico.