Indiana Marriage Records

Indiana State Department of Health, Vital Records Section holds Indiana Marriage Records which have been documented since 1958. If you are after of the certified copies of such files, you may request them at the county Clerk of Circuit Court or Clerk of Superior Court in the county where the ceremony happened. These important legal reports are obtainable at the state and county levels with varying amount of service fees.

Technically, it is much wiser to conduct the search at the county level where the records are specifically archived. Marriage index detail contains the names of the couple, as well as the date of the marriage. Any information from limited years may be searched through the databases made available at the Indiana State Library. Apart from going through the manual lookup for official documents, residents may also check out the online databases of the government itself.


Marriage Records Indiana

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An application form has to be filled out when requesting such files at the Department of Health. It is best to get to familiarize the counties in Indiana for fast and easy search. You’ve got to prepare $10.00 per copy and $4.00 if you need extra copies. Turn-around time usually takes 3 to 4 weeks upon receipt of the request. Another resource for such information is the Indiana Genealogy Society where the public can benefit their marriage indexing project. As a matter of fact, results for the index comprise over 100,000 records.

Indiana Marriage License Records

Indiana Marriage Records nowadays are retrievable at home as long as there is access to the Internet. You no longer have to wait in line and get yourself busy in complying with the usual government requirements. This time, you only have to pay for a reasonable rate and you get what you need in no time. The secret trick is to choose a 100% legitimate online record provider with full money-back guarantee to complete the search successfully.