Indiana Divorce Records

The main records database for Indiana Divorce Records has been stored at the state’s Vital Records, under the Department of Health. The said office maintains a strict policy in providing limited information and has the authority to only allow anyone to verify the existence of divorce reports. The County Circuit Court or Superior Court has the jurisdiction of issuing full copies of divorce decree where the legal separation was officially granted.

As mentioned, not all details will be divulged when searching for such documents. The public will know whether an individual has such records or not. But, will never know the legitimate reasons for the dissolution of marriage, details of property settlement, child custody, alimony paid and other discreet data. The Department of Health on the other hand only has in possession the divorce documents which began from 1958 to 2003. Retrievable data only cover name of the husband and wife, date of divorce, and county the divorce was filed.

Divorce In Indiana

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Searches can also be done at the Indiana State Library where the databases are also made available for the residents. Moreover, individuals must take note that only the Clerk of Court can issue a certified copy of a divorce decree when needed for some legitimate circumstances. To get started with the search the basic information to know about is the exact location where the divorce was filed in order to successfully trace down the paper files of the subject. The requirements for the application include the name of the requesting party, email address, phone number, address, pin code, relationship with the divorced person, the reason for accessing the record, and any valid ID.

IN Divorce Records

However, with the advent of time, Indiana Divorce Records are now searchable online in just a few minutes. Plus, the search can now be performed even within the comfort of one’s home hassle-free. You just need to be diligent in looking for a 100% legitimate website which offers a full money-back guarantee to satisfactorily conduct the divorce records check. This modern solution gives instant records service for the benefit of the general public.