Hawaii Public Records

In Hawaii, it’s somewhat complicated to request and receive copies of public records – especially those that you need to be certified by the state. You must meet certain eligibility requirements such proving who you are, why you need the records and what relation you are to the person(s) whose record you requested. You should also be prepared to furnish a photo identification that proves who you are. The fees for the searches vary according to which Hawaii public records you’re requesting. For example, for copies of birth, death, marriage, civil union and divorce records, the fee is $10 and $4 for each copy thereafter. If you’re requesting the record by mail, you should pay by money order, cashier’s check or certified check made out to the State Department of Health.

After you’ve filled out the application and have gathered copies of your identification and the fee for the search, send them to:
Hawaii Department of Health
Office of Health Status Monitoring
Issuance of Vital Statistics Section
P.O. Box 3378
Honolulu, Hawaii 96801
Phone: (808) 586-4539

Hawaii Court Records Public Access

The application will ask you for information about the person(s) whose records you’re searching for. For example, if you’re searching for a marriage record, you’ll need to know when and where the event took place, the full names of the bride and groom and any other data you can provide to ensure the accuracy of the search.

Hawaii Vital Records

It’s true that Hawaii and many other states have stringent restrictions on who can access public records. There is a way to bypass the red tape of going through the state. You can choose from the many private online sites available on the Internet. All you need to do is submit some pertinent information about the person, pay a reasonable fee and submit the form. Usually within minutes, you’ll receive a thorough and accurate report containing the record you requested and it’s sent to your private email address. The Internet now makes it possible to search through mammoth amounts of data in a very short amount of time, but most states don’t have and can’t afford the powerful search engines and databases that make it easy and quick to perform a search. These private sites employ professionals who know how to search through volumes of information and cross-reference to other states to provide you with even more data than you requested. These searches are great ways to find information about your family tree or search for valuable data that you are going to need for whatever purposes you may have. You can click on the link to find out more about how a private, online search site can help you find Hawaii public records.