Georgia Marriage Records

It is true that getting information on Georgia Marriage Records beginning the year 1952 up to present time is directly accessible at the State Vital Records Office. As a matter of fact, certified duplicates of nuptial licenses are open to the members of the public, although certified copies of the nuptial license applications are only disclosed to the wife and husband as reflected on the wedding license. In order to avail copies of marital unions previous to 1952 and after 1996 though, one must head directly to the county Probate Court where the license was given.

To avail a certified copy of a marital record, easy procedure and instructions are laid out. Fundamental requirements include a signed request consisting of information like the complete name of bride and groom, date of wedding ceremony, date of matrimony with month date and year, place of event and the number of copies requested. A requisite fee is also mandated. If the account is cited on file, a $10.00 charge is necessitated. Additional certifications made on the same day cost $5.00 and $10.00 for a multi-year search.


Marriage Records Georgia

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A few probate courts supply good, ready to frame copy of nuptial files. Take note that certified duplicates of marital papers can also be availed from the Probate Court where the authorization was granted. The state agency as well as each county department has public in-person service. Normally, they are open during working days and hours. Paying for the document is also easy wherein a certified check or money order can be used to be pay to Vital Records.

Georgia Marriage License Records

You have the option to mail your request to Vital Records 2600 Skyland Drive, NE Atlanta, GA 30319 or avail their walk-in service at the state Vital Records Office or County Probate Court where the nuptial application was initially documented. Waiting period vary per office. At the moment, there are innumerable options online including a third-party information retrieval service where a service-based professional group online will do the work for you. Just be mindful of their legitimacy by seeking full-money back guarantee.