Maine Marriage Records

You can search through Maine marriage records between the years 1923 and the present day by filling out a request form and sending it to:

Maine Dept. of Human Services
Office of Data Research and Vital Statistics
11 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333
Phone: (207) 287-3181

You’ll need to provide the full name of the bride and groom and some other information and include a $10 fee for a simple copy of the certificate or $15 for a certified copy of the certificate. Some of the information you receive might be erroneous because of the vast amount of data that must be searched and the fact that human error might be involved in the recording process. Maine is one of the original colonial American states and they’ve kept marital records from 1705 until 1891. These older records aren’t standardized and therefore might offer sparse amount of information, but can be found in certain archival management offices. By the 19th and 20th centuries the state government began keeping more standardized records so the information can be relied upon more than earlier records.


Marriage Records Maine

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Maine Marriage License Records

Another method to search for both current and archival Maine marital records is to use an Internet search service. These services have become very popular since the advent of the Internet and especially with so much information to record. Powerful databases and search engines can cut through vast amounts of records in moments and deliver a report to you that will be much more accurate and timely than going through the state. Many legal professionals and genealogy experts use these services on a constant basis and keep monthly memberships, but you can also secure their services on a one-time basis if you prefer. For a reasonable fee you can submit a small amount of information and the service will do all the work for you and send you a thorough report on what they found. It’s easy and takes all the time consuming and tedious searching away from the state and you. If a copy of the Maine marriage records you requested isn’t found you pay nothing. There are many reasons why you might need an accurate copy of a marriage record, including genealogy research. But, you may also need one for legal purposes such as proving you’re married for a background search, claiming property that’s rightfully yours and for immigration purposes. Whatever the reason why you need to search through Maine marriage records, consider using an online Internet search service to do the search for you. For more information about Internet search sites and how they can help you with a vital statistics search, click on the button.

New Mexico Marriage Records

If you’re searching for marriage records to trace genealogy or for legal purposes you know that it can be a tedious and time-consuming process. New Mexico marriage records are filled with history that might be useful for family tree information to simply to verify a person’s background. The New Mexico State Records Center and Archives contains much historical data, but if you’re searching for a more current record, you’ll need to apply through the county in which the marriage took place. Until you can determine the county, there’s no way the state can help you find the record you need. When you know the county, you can then apply to the county clerk’s office for the information. You can find a list of counties and the clerks’ addresses online. The county clerks’ offices have always been responsible for recording New Mexico marriage records, so there is no central location for you to request information. There are certain rules for acquiring a copy of a New Mexico marriage record and each county has different rules. With some, you may be asked to provide identification and the reason why you want the record. You may also have to fill out an application form and provide information about the couple listed on the marriage record.

Another way to find the information you need about New Mexico marital records and avoid the hassle of going through the county court system is to use the services of an online search site. These Internet sites employ professionals who know how to search through vast amounts of data at once. They have search engines and databases that are much more powerful than their state counterparts and can even search multiple states for you. Many ancestry researchers and legal professionals use these sites to ensure the accuracy of the data they receive and to get it in a timely manner.


Marriage Records New Mexico

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New Mexico Marriage License Records

You’ll likely receive a full report within moments after submitting a small amount of information required for the search. You’ll never have to reveal who you are and can read the report in the privacy of your own home or office.

If you’re searching through New Mexico marriage records to find more information about your family, you can gain a wealth of information. Marriage records can reveal much more data about the two people who were married than just the names and date of the event. You can discover the names of their parents, addresses, children involved and much more that can help you trace your family tree. Online search sites have been able to help enormously in these search endeavors by making it fast and easy for anyone to access vital records. To find out more about online search sites and search through New Mexico marriage records, click on the link.

District of Columbia Marriage Records

You can obtain a copy of Columbia marriage records from the Superior Court in Washington, D.C. The fee for the copy is $10 and you can send a check or money order payable to the D.C. Superior Court Clerk. Your request must include the full names of the persons on the record, maiden name of the bride and the date they were married. Send the request and the fee to:

D.C. Superior Court
500 Indiana Ave., NW; Room 4485
Washington D.C. 20001
(202) 879-4840


Marriage Records District of Columbia

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Natural disasters such as fires and floods may have claimed certain records in the District of Columbia, but most these records are available between the years 1811 until 1858 at the Family History Library and are kept on microfilm. If you’re searching for District of Columbia marital records over fifty years old, you don’t need to submit an application and obtain approval to access the record. If the marriage record is more current, you may need to state your identity unless you’re the bride or groom listed on the certificate.

A marriage certificate is a vital record much like divorce, death and birth certificates and can help you reveal the background of your ancestors, prove you were married, prove your citizenship (or help you obtain citizenship). You may want a copy simply to keep as a memento of an event or to prove a legal matter such as legal rights to property. Whatever the reason you need copies of District of Columbia marriage records, you’ll likely want it to be as accurate and thorough as possible. Some marriage certificates contain information that’s hard to obtain elsewhere such as birth dates, maiden names, past residences, names of parents and other vital data.

Obtaining a copy of a marriage certificate through the state is fairly easy and inexpensive, but the information you receive might not be as accurate as you would like and it might take weeks to get it. Internet search sites can find the information you need and send it to you via your email address usually within moments and you can read the report in the privacy of your home or office. The fees are reasonable and the databases available to these fee-based search sites are vast and tend to be more accurate and thorough than those which the states use. The search engines for these search sites are much more powerful also — and can cut through enormous amounts of information in a very short amount of time. Many legal professionals and ancestry experts use these sites on a regular basis and maintain monthly memberships with them. Searches are also available on a one-time basis if you prefer. To find out how these powerful Internet search site can work for you to find District of Columbia marriage records, click on the link.

Hawaii Marriage Records

The beautiful island state of Hawaii maintains its marriage records at the Hawaii Department of Health and you can request a copy of a marriage record in writing. Hawaii also has a way to expedite the certificate if you have an urgent need of the document. Otherwise, it may take up to ten business days after receiving the request. In Hawaii, you may only access a marriage record if you are able to provide certain information such as your name, phone number and address, reason you want the certificate copy, names of those listed on the decree, date the marriage took place and the city or town of the event. You’ll also need to supply a copy of a government identification stating you are the person requesting the certificate. First, fill out a request form (certified copy of marriage record) that you can download from the Internet (or from a mail-in request) and mail it to:

Hawaii State Dept. of Health
Office of Health Status Monitoring
Vital Records Issuance Section
P.O. Box 3378
Honolulu, HI 96801
(808) 586-4400


Marriage Records Hawaii

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Include a fee of $10 for the search in the form of a cashier’s check or money order. If you’re a person listed on the certificate or a former spouse, parent, descendant or legal representative of the person you’re eligible to receive a copy of the certificate. Hawaii marital records are kept from the year 1853, but marriage certificate requests from 1853 until 1896 can be incomplete. These records were usually kept by missionaries and the local government. Hawaii marriage records can be sketchy and incomplete, and perhaps not recorded in a timely manner, so the information you receive might not be as accurate as what you need.

Hawaii Marriage License Records

Another way to bypass the red tape by requesting information from the state is to use an Internet search site designed to search through data fast and deliver a reliable and timely report. These online search sites have popped up on the Internet because of a need and desire to obtain family records and search background information of those who have recently entered your life. You need to enter a minimal amount of information about the people listed on the certificate, pay a very reasonable fee and then submit the data for a complete search. The results will likely be delivered in a matter of minutes to your home or office computer where you can then read the report in private. No one will know that it was you who requested the record because even your payment information is encrypted on these reputable Internet search sites. Please click on the link to find more information about how an Internet search service can help you search through Hawaii marriage records.

Vermont Marriage Records

Marriage records can tell you a lot about people, including gathering information for genealogical purposes or simply curiosity about whether or not a person in your life has been married before. Vermont marriage records are filed within the Vermont Department of Health and can be obtained by applying for the record. Even though these documents can be viewed by the public, you may not receive all of the pertinent information that’s included in the record because of privacy laws. Most of these records contain data about the marriage of two persons that involves the date the marriage took place, witnesses of the marriage and possibly the names of mothers and fathers of the couple. Vermont marital records also maintain data for same sex civil marriages. To receive a copy of marriage records, you’ll need to fill out an application called the Marriage Certificate Request and send it – along with a check or money order for $10 (made payable to the Vermont Department of Health) to the following address:

Vermont Dept. of Health
Vital Records
P.O. Box 70
Burlington, VT 05402-0070
Phone: (802) 828-3288


Marriage Records Vermont

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The department of health will only be able to find your record(s) from the last five years. For Vermont marital records that took place before five years ago, you’ll need to contact the Vermont State Archives and Records Administration. To obtain any Vermont marriage record, you’ll need to include your contact information, the names of both parties involved in the marriage, how you’re related to at least one of the persons on the marriage certificate and why you want the certificate. Even though these records are public domain, many states – including Vermont – have privacy laws that protect people from accessing personal information. So, you may only receive a notification that the marriage took place. After you send in the application, allow five to ten business days for a response.

Vermont Marriage License Records

If you need more information about the marriage there are many online search sites that can help. Besides Vermont marriage records, these Internet search sites have powerful search engines that can sweep over many states to find the information you need and want. All you need to do is enter some vital information about the marriage and pay a reasonable fee that’s refundable if no record is found. Your payment data is encrypted so there’s no way anyone will know that you requested the record – and, you don’t have to state a reason why you’re requesting the data. Using an Internet search site is a great way to bypass all of the red tape and time that it takes to search through state records – and you’ll usually receive a report within minutes after submitting the request. To find out more about how you can take advantage of these online search sites and receive copies of Vermont marriage records, click on the link.

Colorado Marriage Records

Each county in Colorado is compiled by the counties and as of today aren’t complete. Some are missing and others may be inaccurate. Names may have been misspelled and dates may be false. Colorado marriage records weren’t even recorded until the year 1881 and many years are missing. Since the number of Colorado marital records has grown so rapidly and the incidents of fraud have increased, Colorado now regards some information as confidential and will not release it to the general public. Therefore, only individuals who are named on the record, family members of the persons or a legal professional representing one of the people listed on the decree are eligible to obtain copies of marriage records. If you’re eligible to see the record, you’ll need to fill out an application and send it to the Colorado

Department of Public Health at:
Vital Records Department
4300 Cherry Creek Dr., South
Denver, CO 80246-1530
Phone: (303) 559-9636


Marriage Records Colorado

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Keep in mind that records are only available from 1900 to 1939 and from 1975 until the present day. If the Colorado marital record you need doesn’t fit into those years, you must go through the county in which the marriage record was issued. When you fill out the application for a Colorado marriage record, you have to provide proof of relationship to at least one of the people on the record – or show your reason for requesting the record. There are fees involved to obtain a copy of a marriage record. The first copy will cost $17 and additional copies are $10. In Colorado you can also obtain an “heirloom” copy of the certificate for $50. You can pay the fee(s) by check, credit card or money order.

Colorado Marriage License Records

To obtain Colorado marriage records without proving who you are or your relationship to the couple, you can choose an Internet search website to do the job for you. There’s no hassle involved for using these fee-based services. All you need to do is enter some relevant information about the couple such as names, date the marriage took place and county (if known) and the search site will begin the search immediately through Colorado marital records to retrieve the data for you. You’ll likely receive the information within moments to your home or office computer. There are many reasons why you might need to search through Colorado’s vital records. Proof of marriage is often the reason, but you might need to prove that you were married for immigration purposes or to search through family histories. Legal professionals and ancestry searches often maintain monthly memberships to these sites because they use them on almost a daily basis. But, you can also perform a one-time search for a very reasonable fee. If no record is found in the search through Colorado marriage records, there is no charge. Click on the link to find out more about how to use an Internet, fee-based search site.

Washington Marriage Records

Washington based citizens may look for marriage documents at the state’s Department of Health Vital Records office. Any transactions that relate to marriage must be coursed through with this office. The data that can be pulled-out began in January 1968 up to present. This is on the state level’s part of administering such mentioned records. However, for those that occurred before the stated year will have to be coordinated at the local health center in the county where the ceremony had transpired.

Requests can be made either offline or online process, but for certified copies of marriage certificates, online applications will not be permitted for some security reasons. Cost per copy will be at $20.00 which should be paid through personal check or money order to the Department of Health. Apart from the purely manual procedure, an online service is also available in Washington. There would still be a standard operating procedure though in order to proceed, but it would not be as lengthy as the typical manual searching of files.


Marriage Records Washington

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If you have a computer at home, just visit the department’s website and download the request form. Print the form and fill it out with the necessary information to generate more useful results, and then submit to the state’s Department of Health. Tracing out the roots is the main objective why marriage documentation is done and preserved for future generation. Knowing one’s family history brings awareness of the past that makes one feel more complete. Other reasons are for any legal proceedings where the records stand as a proof of evidence.

Washington Marriage License Records

Whether it be at the office or through online services, public records requests can be done anyhow. The only difference is the turn-around time where the former takes longer than the latter. Offices follow procedures that would delay the whole process, plus sometimes they lack manpower that will take care of the record orders.  On the other hand, online record providers become the option that is now being considered because it doesn’t require you to comply with all the paper documents prior to processing the request. If you have access to the Internet at home you can definitely do the search on your own without any hassle. You only have to join into a 100% legitimate website which guarantees to refund the payment if not contented with the service.

Kentucky Marriage Records

Kentucky marriage records can be ordered from the office of Vital Statistics, department for public health and family services. The service fee required would be $6.00 per copy for records dating back June 1958 until today. As per policy in the said state, marriage documents are archived for free of access to anybody as long as the reasons for requesting are valid and legal. Those papers that were recorded prior to 1958 must need be coordinated with the County clerk where the ceremony was officiated and legitimately pronounced.

For additional copies, the cost would be $6.00 per copy and whether the record is found or not, the service fee cannot be taken back. There’s just a few important details needed before initiating the search, they include the complete names of husband and maiden name of wife, date of marriage, and the particular county where marriage had transpired. Apart from going through it manually, the said state also facilitates an online option, but needs to follow proper protocol.


Marriage Records Kentucky

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They have a website where residents can download the marriage certification application form and fill it out for submission at the Vital Statistics office. Checks and money orders are acceptable as mode of payment. Credit card payments are also catered, but by phone or walk-in orders only.

Kentucky Marriage License Records

For everyone’s information, Kentucky marriage files are primary source records which have been taken cared meticulously by the state authorities. Thus, it is an assurance that the data being integrated are really accurate and comprehensive. Three types of civil marriage records are updated within the state including marriage license, marriage register and marriage certificate. Marriage license is often used for genealogical research because it contains all the particulars of the said marriage. Marriage register is actually the documentation process done at the registrar’s office and marriage certificate is a paper file that serves as proof that exchanges of vows actually happened.

Such legal reports can be obtained at the designated office. It only takes a lengthy time though because of the usual long procedure that’s followed by each state in America. However, with the fast-paced technological advancements, paper files are now uploaded into online databases for a much smoother search. This would mean that searching for Kentucky marriage files can now be done at home with complete convenience and security. The trick is to find a 100% legitimate website that offers complete money-back service. Doing this makes the search so much simpler and more systematic.

Georgia Marriage Records

It is true that getting information on Georgia Marriage Records beginning the year 1952 up to present time is directly accessible at the State Vital Records Office. As a matter of fact, certified duplicates of nuptial licenses are open to the members of the public, although certified copies of the nuptial license applications are only disclosed to the wife and husband as reflected on the wedding license. In order to avail copies of marital unions previous to 1952 and after 1996 though, one must head directly to the county Probate Court where the license was given.

To avail a certified copy of a marital record, easy procedure and instructions are laid out. Fundamental requirements include a signed request consisting of information like the complete name of bride and groom, date of wedding ceremony, date of matrimony with month date and year, place of event and the number of copies requested. A requisite fee is also mandated. If the account is cited on file, a $10.00 charge is necessitated. Additional certifications made on the same day cost $5.00 and $10.00 for a multi-year search.


Marriage Records Georgia

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A few probate courts supply good, ready to frame copy of nuptial files. Take note that certified duplicates of marital papers can also be availed from the Probate Court where the authorization was granted. The state agency as well as each county department has public in-person service. Normally, they are open during working days and hours. Paying for the document is also easy wherein a certified check or money order can be used to be pay to Vital Records.

Georgia Marriage License Records

You have the option to mail your request to Vital Records 2600 Skyland Drive, NE Atlanta, GA 30319 or avail their walk-in service at the state Vital Records Office or County Probate Court where the nuptial application was initially documented. Waiting period vary per office. At the moment, there are innumerable options online including a third-party information retrieval service where a service-based professional group online will do the work for you. Just be mindful of their legitimacy by seeking full-money back guarantee.

Michigan Marriage Records

Getting access to Michigan marriage records can give you access to a world of information that can help you with a genealogy project or with helping you to simply track down relatives. Determining where to get started can be a challenge sometimes because there are so many companies on the internet that will request an incredibly high fee simply to access to a marriage record that is, in fact, free to gain access to.

Obtaining Records

The State of Michigan maintains marriage records dating back to 1867. Records are stored with the Michigan State Vital Records office; this office contains an incredible selection of vital records that include marriage records along with birth, divorce, and death records.
Any records that date back 100 years, and beyond, are considered to be public records, and can often be accessed through any number of public libraries.


Marriage Records Michigan

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All of the records that date back to 1867 are available for purchase. Individuals can purchase Michigan marriage records from the State Vital Records office via the mail, in person, or online. Divorce records are also available dating back to 1897 to present day, with the exception of a few divorce decrees that were issued between 1973 and 1974 in Detroit.

There is a simple form to be completed in order to obtain access to marriage records and get a certified copy of one of them. It can be found online or can be picked up at the State Vital records office. Associated fees may fluctuate so be sure to check the most recent date on their fee schedule.

Information You Will Need

There are several important pieces of information that you will need in order to submit your application to gain access to one or more Michigan marriage records.

  • * The date of the marriage; if you do not know the exact date then you should at the very least provide the year of the marriage. If you only have an approximation for the year that the marriage occurred then you can request additional years be searched; keep in mind that there is likely going to be an additional charge for each year that you search.

  • * Name of the groom and the bride’s name when the marriage license was applied for. First, middle, and last names are all hugely helpful if you’ve got them available.

  • * Names of both parents of the bride and the groom, if available

  • * The names of the city and county where the marriage took place
    You will also need to provide information about why you are requesting the information and what you intend to do with the information if it is located.

Michigan Marriage License Records

Associated Payment Fees

All of the search fees that you submit with your search request form for a marriage record are non-refundable. These fees are set by the state statute and cannot be modified for special cases. When you submit the basic one year search fee, you will receive a certified copy of the marriage record you need. If, however, there is no record of a marriage filed with the state, then you will receive an official statement saying so.

It is important to note that if you have requested additional copies of the marriage record, and it is determined that there is no record of a marriage filed with the State of Michigan you will receive a refund check for the cost of the additional copies.

Regardless of your reason for searching Michigan marriage records, you are sure to have good luck finding the information that you need; especially if you’re looking for data between 1867 and today.