Georgia Divorce Records

Certified copies of Georgia Divorce Records and decrees can only be availed from the Clerk of Superior Court in the county where the separation was permitted. At present, there are a total of 159 counties situated in Georgia. For each of these counties, a vital documents registrar and vital accounts custodian is appointed by the state registrar. Most of the time and depending as well on the county itself, the vital documents registrar or custodian may be sited at the county health department or in the office of the probate judge.

However in occasions where the requester simply wishes to confirm the occurrence of the annulment, then the State Vital Records office can do such process. This particular agency will perform an investigation to establish that a split-up actually took place. One thing this office cannot do though is to provide a record. As mentioned, separation decrees can only be claimed at the Clerk of Superior Court in the specific county where it happened. An index of annulment affairs beginning 1952 until the current time is present at the Vital Records office.

Divorce In Georgia

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There are a set of prerequisites to begin such verification. The applicant must provide details like the full name of the groom and bride, date of divorce specifying the month, day and year, place where it was granted like city or county and the number of duplicates you want to be reproduced. A signed request together with the correct fee must be submitted as well. Based on the Georgia rule, payments must be received prior for a document or service to be given away. Fee for such search and confirmation is $10.00.

GA Divorce Records

In case you want a multi-year examination, a $10.00 charge is necessitated. You can pay through certified check or money order to Vital Records 2600 Skyland Drive, NE Atlanta, GA 30319. There are also sources online that handle these types of transactions hassle-free. These are called private data service providers, commercial companies that cater these services. Usually, you will know whether an online service is guaranteed official and trustworthy when they ask for a nominal fee and they return your money when service is not accomplished.