Florida Public Records

Obtaining Florida public records or any public records can be a challenging task at times. Much of this depends on the type of public records you need to find. It can also depend on how far back the date is for the Florida public records you are seeking. In some cases, it may be nothing more than luck.

Generally, if you are looking for Florida public records you should be able to track down what you need. The good news is that Florida is one of the states that do not safeguard all of its vital records by making them unavailable to the public. So, whatever you are looking for as public records in this state, you have a good chance of finding them.

Florida Court Records Public Access

What Types of Florida Public Records Can You Find?
You may actually be amazed at the variety of public records available, not to mention how far back they go or the ease of access with which you can obtain them.

  • In Florida public records, you can find a wide variety of vital records or statistics. This would include documentation such as birth, death and fetal death certificates, not to mention the other basics of marriage and divorce.
  • Birth records will usually show hospital delivery locations.
  • Death records often included a location for the person’s original birthplace to avoid confusion.
  • Marriage or divorce records can help a great deal with tracking down a woman who has changed her name due to marriage or divorce.

What you should know is that it can depend on how far you need to go back to find the Florida public records needed. Prior to 1899, many areas of the state were keeping records as a mandatory order. However, those areas that had not yet made it regulation to keep such public records left it up to local authorities.

Florida Vital Records

In addition to the vital statistics that are public records in the state of Florida, you can use other helpful databases. For instance:
• Public records such as Supreme Court docket searches. These can usually be done by case number, attorney or date.
• Criminal court records may need to be done in person for Florida public records.
• Criminal background checks can also be considered part of the public records for this state.
• Country records searches can also help with public records. This too may often be done in person.

You may also find yourself surprised by the amount of data you can gather from public records involving financial or property matters. For instance, you may be able to find about public records involving bankruptcy cases to help with data you need. Property records are also often useful for names and dates and can help you determine when someone left an area or may have left the state. The trick is to explore everything that is available to you so you can let public records help you find the answers you have been seeking.