Mississippi Divorce Records

Vital records in Mississippi are kept by the state’s vital records office and can be accessed by the public. Mississippi divorce records can provide information about whether or not a divorce was granted, but some information may be under privacy laws of the state. A nominal fee of $15 (check or money order) must be included with an application (you can get from the Vital Records office) to receive the data you need. You’ll need to supply the full names of those listed on the decree, the county and date of divorce. Send the fee amount, along with the application to:

Mississippi State Department of Health
Vital Records Dept.
P.O. Box 1700
Jackson, MS 39215
Phone: (601) 576-7960

Divorce In Mississippi

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There are many reasons why you might need the information contained in Mississippi divorce records. One is simply to verify that your fiancé or new love is telling the truth about his or her past. Another might be to trace genealogical information about your ancestors. Legal reasons might include disputes in a will or trust or a matter of immigration. When you engage the state to research a divorce decree, you won’t receive certain information such as why the divorce was petitioned, child custody issues or settlement matters. That data is covered by the state’s privacy laws and can’t be released by the state.

MS Divorce Records

You can receive a certified copy of the divorce from the state of Mississippi, but if you don’t need the copy to be certified, you may want to consider going through a private, online service. If what you’re really after is background information and would also like to know some of the details of the divorce that you wouldn’t get from the state, the online services are the best way to get it. You’ll receive a full report within minutes after you enter the required information and details of the divorce will be included that you couldn’t access from a state-based search. Internet search sites that quickly cut through millions of vital records have become very popular with the public because of many reasons. One is that your information will never be revealed and another is that you receive much more detailed data in a shorter amount of time. The fee for a one-time search is reasonable. If you expect to research more than one record, you may want to consider a monthly membership as do legal and genealogical experts who deal in vital record information on a daily basis. To find out more about how an Internet search service can help you find Mississippi divorce records, click on the link.